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Toy Palace/Sand Ho September 06, 1992
Chuckie vs. The Potty/Together at Last September 13, 1992
The Big House/The Shot September 20, 1992
Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch/Mirrorland September 27, 1992
Angelica's in Love/Ice Cream Mountain October 04, 1992
Regarding Stuie/Garage Sale October 11, 1992
Let There Be Light/The Bank Trick October 18, 1992
Family Reunion/Grandpa's Date October 25, 1992
No Bones About It/Beach Blanket Babies November 01, 1992
Reptar on Ice/Family Feud November 08, 1992
Superhero Chuckie/The Dog Broomer November 15, 1992
Aunt Miriam/The Inside Story November 22, 1992
A Visit from Lipschitz/What the Big People Do November 29, 1992
The Santa Experience December 06, 1992
Visitors from Outer Space/The Case of the Missing Rugrat December 13, 1992
Chuckie Loses His Glasses/Chuckie Gets Skunked December 20, 1992
Rebel Without a Teddy Bear/Angelica the Magnificent January 03, 1993
Meet the Carmichaels/The Box January 10, 1993
Down the Drain/Let Them Eat Cake January 17, 1993
The Seven Voyages of Cynthia/My Friend Barney March 14, 1993
Feeding Hubert/Spike the Wonder Dog March 21, 1993
The Slide/The Big Flush March 28, 1993
King Ten Pin/Runaway Angelica April 04, 1993
Game Show Didi/Toys in the Attic April 11, 1993
Driving Miss Angelica/Susie vs. Angelica May 02, 1993
Tooth or Dare/Party Animals May 09, 1993
Directed by
Howard E. Baker Howard E. Baker
Jim Duffy Jim Duffy
Dan Thompson Dan Thompson
Steven Dean Moore Steven Dean Moore
Norton Virgien Norton Virgien
Jeff 'Swampy' Marsh Jeff 'Swampy' Marsh
Dan Povenmire Dan Povenmire
Charles Swenson Charles Swenson
Raymie Muzquiz Raymie Muzquiz
Pete Michels Pete Michels
Igor Kovalyov Igor Kovalyov
Rick Bugental Rick Bugental
Jeff McGrath Jeff McGrath
Steve Socki Steve Socki
Written by
Paul Germain Paul Germain
Arlene Klasky Arlene Klasky
Gabor Csupo Gabor Csupo
Peter Gaffney Peter Gaffney
William J. Thutt William J. Thutt
Joe Ansolabehere Joe Ansolabehere
Jonathan Greenberg Jonathan Greenberg
Mitchell Kriegman Mitchell Kriegman
Glenn Eichler Glenn Eichler
Michael Ferris Michael Ferris
Vince Calandra Vince Calandra
Chip Johannessen Chip Johannessen
Jeff 'Swampy' Marsh Jeff 'Swampy' Marsh
Dan Povenmire Dan Povenmire
Guy Maxtone-Graham Guy Maxtone-Graham
Steve Viksten Steve Viksten
Earl Klasky Earl Klasky
Gary Gurner Gary Gurner
Pam Wick Pam Wick
Michael J. Benavente Michael J. Benavente
Mark Trafficante Mark Trafficante
James Grant Goldin James Grant Goldin
David Benavente David Benavente
Gary Glasberg Gary Glasberg
Douglas Petrie Douglas Petrie
Holly Huckins Holly Huckins
Patricia Marx Patricia Marx
Rachel Lipman Rachel Lipman
Carlos Alazraqui Carlos Alazraqui
Craig Bartlett Craig Bartlett
Jeffrey Townsend Jeffrey Townsend
Lisa Moricoli Lisa Moricoli
Doria Biddle Doria Biddle
Andy Houts Andy Houts
John O'Brien John O'Brien
Christine Cavanaugh Christine Cavanaugh ... Charles 'Chuckie' Finster, Jr. (26 episodes)
Elizabeth Daily Elizabeth Daily ... Tommy Pickles (26 episodes) (as E.G. Daily)
David Doyle David Doyle ... Grandpa Lou Pickles (25 episodes)
Melanie Chartoff Melanie Chartoff ... Didi Pickles (24 episodes)
Kath Soucie Kath Soucie ... Phil DeVille / Lil DeVille (24 episodes)
Cheryl Chase Cheryl Chase ... Angelica Pickles (23 episodes)
Jack Riley Jack Riley ... Stu Pickles / Clerk (23 episodes)
Michael Bell Michael Bell ... Chas Finster / Reptar / Security Guard (22 episodes)
Phil Proctor Phil Proctor ... Announcer / Thorg (11 episodes)
Tress MacNeille Tress MacNeille ... Nurse / Hector's Mom / Receptionist (9 episodes) (as Tress Macneille)
Andy Houts Andy Houts ... McGrew (6 episodes)
Tony Jay Tony Jay ... Scientist #2 / General (4 episodes)
Cree Summer Cree Summer ... Susie Carmichael (4 episodes)
Scott Menville Scott Menville ... Larry / Steve (2 episodes)
Dana Hill Dana Hill ... Hector / Big Justin (2 episodes)
Pamela Adlon Pamela Adlon ... Wiseguy (2 episodes) (as Pamela Segall)
Neil Ross Neil Ross ... Scientist #1 / Radio Psychiatrist / Western Union Man (2 episodes)
Nancy Cartwright Nancy Cartwright ... Prudence the Junk Food Kid (voice)
Peter Hannan Peter Hannan ... Balladeer (voice)
Danny Mann Danny Mann ... Mr. Poltax / Broker / Customer (voice)
Eric Edwards Eric Edwards ... Emmet (voice) (as Eric 'Sparky' Edwards)
John Schuck John Schuck ... Leo / Reptar (voice) (as Conrad John Schuck)
Joanna Sandsmark Joanna Sandsmark ... Ilsa Umlaut / Audience Member (voice)
Adam West Adam West ... Captain Blasto (voice)
Andrea Martin Andrea Martin ... Aunt Miriam / Woman (voice)
Mona Marshall Mona Marshall ... Clarice Pendagron / Checkout Girl (voice)
Ronnie Schell Ronnie Schell ... Fish / Clerk (voice) (as Ronald Schell)
Cheryl Carter Cheryl Carter ... Lucy Carmichael (voice)
Ron Glass Ron Glass ... Randy Carmichael (voice)
Jeff Bennett Jeff Bennett ... Ben, the Brother-in-Law / Best Man / Hip Guy (voice)
Gregg Berger Gregg Berger ... Plumber / Minister / Groom (voice)
Pat Paulsen Pat Paulsen ... Garbage Man / Uncle Lyle (voice)
Tom Bosley Tom Bosley ... Strike Maxwell / Yuppie Man (voice)
Charles Nelson Reilly Charles Nelson Reilly ... Edmund Haynes / Actor / Director (voice)
Alex Trebek Alex Trebek ... Alan Quebec (voice)
Kenneth Mars Kenneth Mars ... Toothbrush / Candy Bar / Policeman (voice) (as Ken Mars)
Pat Musick Pat Musick ... Edwin Carmichael (voice)
Produced by
Geraldine Clarke Geraldine Clarke
Vanessa Coffey Vanessa Coffey
Gabor Csupo Gabor Csupo
Paul Germain Paul Germain
Mary Harrington Mary Harrington
Arlene Klasky Arlene Klasky
Richard Leroy Richard Leroy
Charles Swenson Charles Swenson
Original Music by
Denis M. Hannigan Denis M. Hannigan
Mark Mothersbaugh Mark Mothersbaugh
Additional Info
Premiere: September 06, 1992
DVD Release: May 21, 2014
Country: USA
Distributor: Paramount Studios
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia
Production Companies
Games Animation (seasons 3-5)
Nickelodeon Animation Studios (seasons 6-9)
Nicktoons Productions (1993-2003)
Nickelodeon Network
  (1991-2004) (USA) (TV)
CBS All Access
  (2020) (USA) (video) (VOD)
  (USA) (TV)
Paramount Home Entertainment
  (2005-2011) (USA) (DVD)
Paramount Home Entertainment
  (2021) (USA) (DVD) (complete series)
Paramount Home Entertainment
  (1996-2006) (USA) (VHS)
Paramount Home Entertainment
  (1997-2006) (USA) (DVD)
Paramount Television
  (1996-2003) (USA) (all media)
Shout! Factory
  (2011-) (USA) (DVD)
Sony Wonder
  (1993-1996) (USA) (VHS)
  (1991) (USA) (TV)
  (1991-2003) (USA) (all media)
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