The Walking Dead: Season 11 > Credits and Details
Acheron: Part I August 15, 2021
Acheron: Part II August 22, 2021
Hunted August 29, 2021
Rendition September 05, 2021
Out of the Ashes September 12, 2021
On the Inside September 19, 2021
Promises Broken September 26, 2021
For Blood October 03, 2021
No Other Way February 13, 2022
New Haunts February 20, 2022
Rogue Element February 27, 2022
The Lucky Ones March 06, 2022
Warlords March 13, 2022
The Rotten Core March 20, 2022
Trust March 27, 2022
Acts of God April 03, 2022
Lockdown October 02, 2022
A New Deal October 02, 2022
Variant October 09, 2022
What's Been Lost October 16, 2022
Outpost 22 October 23, 2022
Faith October 30, 2022
Family November 06, 2022
Rest in Peace November 20, 2022
Directed by
Kevin Dowling Kevin Dowling
Frederick E.O. Toye Frederick E.O. Toye
Greg Nicotero Greg Nicotero
Sharat Raju Sharat Raju
Jon Amiel Jon Amiel
Michael Cudlitz Michael Cudlitz
Tawnia McKiernan Tawnia McKiernan
Loren Yaconelli Loren Yaconelli
Marcus Stokes Marcus Stokes
Lily Mariye Lily Mariye
Catriona McKenzie Catriona McKenzie
Jeffrey F. January Jeffrey F. January
Karen Gaviola Karen Gaviola
Aisha Tyler Aisha Tyler
Rose Troche Rose Troche
Written by
Frank Darabont Frank Darabont
Robert Kirkman Robert Kirkman
Tony Moore Tony Moore
Charlie Adlard Charlie Adlard
Angela Kang Angela Kang
Jim Barnes Jim Barnes
Vivian Tse Vivian Tse
Nicole Mirante-Matthews Nicole Mirante-Matthews
LaToya Morgan LaToya Morgan
Kevin Deiboldt Kevin Deiboldt
Julia Ruchman Julia Ruchman
Erik Mountain Erik Mountain
Corey Reed Corey Reed
Magali Lozano Magali Lozano
David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick
Norman Reedus Norman Reedus ... Daryl Dixon (24 episodes)
Melissa McBride Melissa McBride ... Carol Peletier (24 episodes)
Lauren Cohan Lauren Cohan ... Maggie Rhee (24 episodes)
Christian Serratos Christian Serratos ... Rosita Espinosa (24 episodes)
Josh McDermitt Josh McDermitt ... Eugene Porter (24 episodes)
Seth Gilliam Seth Gilliam ... Gabriel Stokes (24 episodes)
Ross Marquand Ross Marquand ... Aaron (24 episodes)
Khary Payton Khary Payton ... Ezekiel (24 episodes)
Cooper Andrews Cooper Andrews ... Jerry (24 episodes)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Jeffrey Dean Morgan ... Negan (24 episodes)
Eleanor Matsuura Eleanor Matsuura ... Yumiko Okumura (24 episodes)
Nadia Hilker Nadia Hilker ... Magna (24 episodes)
Cailey Fleming Cailey Fleming ... Judith Grimes (24 episodes)
Cassady McClincy Cassady McClincy ... Lydia (24 episodes)
Lauren Ridloff Lauren Ridloff ... Connie (24 episodes)
Paola Lázaro Paola Lázaro ... Juanita 'Princess' Sanchez (24 episodes)
Michael James Shaw Michael James Shaw ... Mercer (24 episodes)
Josh Hamilton Josh Hamilton ... Lance Hornsby (20 episodes)
Margot Bingham Margot Bingham ... Max Mercer (20 episodes)
Okea Eme-Akwari Okea Eme-Akwari ... Elijah (18 episodes)
Angel Theory Angel Theory ... Kelly (16 episodes)
Kien Michael Spiller Kien Michael Spiller ... Hershel Rhee (15 episodes)
Laila Robins Laila Robins ... Pamela Milton (15 episodes)
Lynn Collins Lynn Collins ... Leah (13 episodes)
Antony Azor Antony Azor ... RJ (11 episodes)
Callan McAuliffe Callan McAuliffe ... Alden (9 episodes)
Anabelle Holloway Anabelle Holloway ... Gracie (8 episodes)
Teo Rapp-Olsson Teo Rapp-Olsson ... Sebastian Milton (8 episodes)
Medina Senghore Medina Senghore ... Annie (8 episodes)
Chelle Ramos Chelle Ramos ... Shira (7 episodes)
Ian Anthony Dale Ian Anthony Dale ... Tomi (7 episodes)
Nadine Marissa Nadine Marissa ... Nabila (6 episodes)
Glenn Stanton Glenn Stanton ... Frost (5 episodes)
Branton Box Branton Box ... Fisher (5 episodes)
Kerry Cahill Kerry Cahill ... Dianne (5 episodes)
Laurie Fortier Laurie Fortier ... Agatha (4 episodes)
Ritchie Coster Ritchie Coster ... Pope (4 episodes)
Alex Meraz Alex Meraz ... Brandon Carver (4 episodes)
Dikran Tulaine Dikran Tulaine ... Mancea (4 episodes)
Eric LeBlanc Eric LeBlanc ... Powell (4 episodes)
Ethan McDowell Ethan McDowell ... Washington (4 episodes)
Lex Lauletta Lex Lauletta ... Austin (4 episodes)
Michael Tourek Michael Tourek ... Roman Calhoun (4 episodes)
Monique Grant Monique Grant ... Colonel Vickers (4 episodes)
James Devoti James Devoti ... Cole (3 episodes)
Marcus Lewis Marcus Lewis ... Duncan (3 episodes)
Robert Hayes Robert Hayes ... Wells (3 episodes)
Dane Davenport Dane Davenport ... Ancheta (3 episodes)
Zac Zedalis Zac Zedalis ... Boone (3 episodes)
Cameron Scott Roberts Cameron Scott Roberts ... Trooper Tyler Davis (3 episodes)
Chiara Misawa Chiara Misawa ... Mei (3 episodes)
Michael Hanson Michael Hanson ... Trooper Jake Daniels (3 episodes)
Braian Rivera Jimenez Braian Rivera Jimenez ... Green (3 episodes)
Preston James Hillier Preston James Hillier ... April's Father (3 episodes)
Korbi Dean Korbi Dean ... April's Mother (3 episodes)
Dan Fogler Dan Fogler ... Luke (3 episodes)
Alex Sgambati Alex Sgambati ... Jules (3 episodes)
C. Thomas Howell C. Thomas Howell ... Roy (2 episodes)
Jackson Pace Jackson Pace ... Gage (2 episodes)
Carrie Genzel Carrie Genzel ... Clark (2 episodes)
Matthew Cornwell Matthew Cornwell ... Evans (2 episodes)
Mariana Novak Mariana Novak ... Female Trooper (2 episodes)
Jacob Young Jacob Young ... Deaver (2 episodes)
Kevin Carroll Kevin Carroll ... Virgil (2 episodes)
Courtney Dietz Courtney Dietz ... Kayla (2 episodes)
Jason Turner Jason Turner ... Marcus Colvin (Bureaucrat) (2 episodes)
Mandi Christine Kerr Mandi Christine Kerr ... Barbara (2 episodes)
Avianna Mynhier Avianna Mynhier ... Rachel Ward (2 episodes)
Nicholas Velez Nicholas Velez ... Theo (2 episodes)
Jason Butler Harner Jason Butler Harner ... Toby Carlson (2 episodes)
Gustavo Gomez Gustavo Gomez ... Marco (2 episodes)
Henry Bazemore Jr. Henry Bazemore Jr. ... Sgt. Crowe (2 episodes)
Camry Brault Camry Brault ... Shipment Trooper (2 episodes) (as Camry Rose Brault)
Michael Weaver Michael Weaver ... The Warden (2 episodes)
Dexter Tillis Dexter Tillis ... Lt. Rose (2 episodes)
Brandon O'Dell Brandon O'Dell ... Refugee Man
Mala Bhattacharya Mala Bhattacharya ... Refugee Woman
Joshua Haire Joshua Haire ... Squirrelly Man
Marcello Audino Marcello Audino ... Trooper Vazquez
Hans Christopher Hans Christopher ... Nicholls
Michael Shenefelt Michael Shenefelt ... Bossie
Brad Fleischer Brad Fleischer ... Keith
Jesse C. Boyd Jesse C. Boyd ... Blond Wolf (as Jesse Boyd)
Pilot Bunch Pilot Bunch ... Vincent
Matt Mercurio Matt Mercurio ... Charles
Rebecca Ray Rebecca Ray ... Clerk
Ryan Vo Ryan Vo ... Commonwealth Paper-Pusher
Franco Barberis Franco Barberis ... Supervisor
Burke Brown Burke Brown ... Young Father
Liz McGeever Liz McGeever ... Young Mother
Brisco De Poalo Brisco De Poalo ... Nine-Year-Old Boy
Bruce Blackshear Bruce Blackshear ... Walker
Sharon Conley Sharon Conley ... Sally
Sean McCracken Sean McCracken ... Doorman
Aneesh Sheth Aneesh Sheth ... Jan
William Mark McCullough William Mark McCullough ... Moto
MaryJean Feton MaryJean Feton ... Old Woman
Bruno Rose Bruno Rose ... Comms Monitor
Darrell Snedeger Darrell Snedeger ... Hospital Trooper
David E. Collier David E. Collier ... Logistics Officer
Carrie Walrond Hood Carrie Walrond Hood ... Nurse
Michael Biehn Michael Biehn ... Ian
Connor Hammond Connor Hammond ... Jesse
Jenique Hendrix Jenique Hendrix ... Hart
Wynn Everett Wynn Everett ... April
J.R. Adduci J.R. Adduci ... Alves
David Alexander David Alexander ... Janitor
Gonzalo Menendez Gonzalo Menendez ... Commonwealth Soldier
Matt Bushell Matt Bushell ... Romano
Ja'Corey Jones Ja'Corey Jones ... Security Guard
Freddy Boyd Freddy Boyd ... Government Clerk
Jonathan Horne Jonathan Horne ... Protester
Derek Evans Derek Evans ... Radio Trooper
Danai Gurira Danai Gurira ... Michonne
Andrew Lincoln Andrew Lincoln ... Rick Grimes
Brian Troxell Brian Troxell ... Announcer
Nick J. McNeil Nick J. McNeil ... Captain Commonwealth (as Nick McNeil)
Raw Leiba Raw Leiba ... Attila
Michael Proctor Michael Proctor ... Lothar
Lorraine Rodriguez-Reyes Lorraine Rodriguez-Reyes ... Doctor
Elena Sanchez Elena Sanchez ... CW Cleaning Crew #1
Preston Wigasi Brant Preston Wigasi Brant ... CW Cleaning Crew #2 (as Wigasi Brant)
Hayes Mercure Hayes Mercure ... Precinct Trooper
Brittany Guess Brittany Guess ... Frightened Woman
JoAnn Willette JoAnn Willette ... Lena Brand
Shravan Amin Shravan Amin ... Press Official
Justin W. Walker Justin W. Walker ... Man
Katie Causey Katie Causey ... Kathleen
Greg Perrow Greg Perrow ... Commonwealth Soldier
Bryan McClure Bryan McClure ... Engineer Wilson
Yvette Nicole Brown Yvette Nicole Brown ... Commonwealth Soldier (voice)
Vincent van Hinte Vincent van Hinte ... Trooper Jones
Keller Fornes Keller Fornes ... Tower Trooper
Jonathan Bergman Jonathan Bergman ... Child Walker
Barrett Doyle Barrett Doyle ... Trooper 192
Morgan Davis Morgan Davis ... Trooper 263
K.D. O'Hair K.D. O'Hair ... Trooper 301
Kirk Riley Kirk Riley ... Watch Trooper
Mahdi Cocci Mahdi Cocci ... Trooper 197
Elizabeth Becka Elizabeth Becka ... Judge George
Phil Armijo Phil Armijo ... Trooper Sanborn
Onye Eme-Akwari Onye Eme-Akwari ... Trooper Anton
Marc Prizov Marc Prizov ... Tunnel Trooper
Chase Anderson Chase Anderson ... Trooper Livits
Lennie James Lennie James ... Morgan Jones
Uncredited Cast
Nathan W. Collins Nathan W. Collins ... Trooper (11 episodes)
Seven Seven ... Dog (6 episodes)
John Gettier John Gettier ... Commonwealth Prisoner (5 episodes)
Steven Yeun Steven Yeun ... Glenn Rhee (5 episodes)
Greg Nicotero Greg Nicotero ... Walker (4 episodes)
D.J. Stavropoulos D.J. Stavropoulos ... Commonwealth (4 episodes)
Michael Cudlitz Michael Cudlitz ... Abraham Ford (4 episodes)
Chandler Riggs Chandler Riggs ... Hilltop Farmer (4 episodes)
Kevin Brown Kevin Brown ... Trooper (4 episodes)
Autumn Azul Autumn Azul ... Aliyah (3 episodes)
Danai Gurira Danai Gurira ... Michonne (3 episodes)
Alanna Masterson Alanna Masterson ... Tara Chambler (3 episodes)
Jimmy Mcafee Jimmy Mcafee ... Alexandria Resident (2 episodes)
Jeff Glover Jeff Glover ... Riverbend warriors (2 episodes)
Casey Shirley Casey Shirley ... Riverbend warriors (2 episodes)
Kathryn Andrea Kathryn Andrea ... Prisoner (2 episodes)
Andrew Lincoln Andrew Lincoln ... Rick Grimes (2 episodes)
Emily Kinney Emily Kinney ... Beth Greene (2 episodes)
Scott Wilson Scott Wilson ... Hershel Greene (2 episodes)
Jason Douglas Jason Douglas ... Tobin (2 episodes)
Kenric Green Kenric Green ... Scott (2 episodes)
Jordan Woods-Robinson Jordan Woods-Robinson ... Eric Raleigh (2 episodes)
Irone Singleton Irone Singleton ... T-Dog (2 episodes)
Sarah Cool Sarah Cool ... Commonwealth Survivor (2 episodes)
Angel Theory Angel Theory ... Kelly
Glenn Stanton Glenn Stanton ... Frost (archive footage)
Laurie Fortier Laurie Fortier ... Agatha (archive footage)
James Devoti James Devoti ... Cole (archive footage)
Marcus Lewis Marcus Lewis ... Duncan (archive footage)
Lynn Collins Lynn Collins ... Leah (archive footage)
Gus Morgan Gus Morgan ... Taunted Boy Walker
Robert Patrick Robert Patrick ... Mays 1 (archive footage)
Rachel Hernandez Rachel Hernandez ... Oceanside Volunteer
Dana Rampy Dana Rampy ... Hilltop Refugee
Mario Williams Mario Williams ... Alexandria Resident
Avianna Mynhier Avianna Mynhier ... Rachel Ward (archive footage)
Laura Kelley Laura Kelley ... Hilltop Resident
Kinney M. Lee Kinney M. Lee ... Hilltop Resident
Jamel Vaughn Jamel Vaughn ... Hilltop Resident
Jason Butler Harner Jason Butler Harner ... Toby Carlson
Chandra Gaines Chandra Gaines ... Riverbend Resident
Andrew S. McMillan Andrew S. McMillan ... Heist Herd Walker
Ryan Austin Bryant Ryan Austin Bryant ... Walker
Dean Chandler Bowden Dean Chandler Bowden ... Oceansider
Sherise Gividen Sherise Gividen ... Oceansider
Jon Bernthal Jon Bernthal ... Shane Walsh (archive footage)
Ryan Hurst Ryan Hurst ... Beta (archive footage)
Sonequa Martin-Green Sonequa Martin-Green ... Sasha Williams (archive footage)
Morgan Monroe Morgan Monroe ... April's Family
David Morrissey David Morrissey ... Philip 'The Governor' Blake (archive footage)
Samantha Morton Samantha Morton ... Alpha (archive footage)
Tyler James Williams Tyler James Williams ... Noah (archive footage)
Tom Luse Tom Luse ... William Milton (voice)
Michael Rooker Michael Rooker ... Merle Dixon (archive footage)
Merritt Wever Merritt Wever ... Denise Cloyd (archive footage)
Sarah Wayne Callies Sarah Wayne Callies ... Lori Grimes (archive footage)
Jennifer Pearl Jennifer Pearl ... Survivor
Austin Amelio Austin Amelio ... Dwight (archive footage)
Tamara Austin Tamara Austin ... Nora (archive footage)
Marisol Correa Marisol Correa ... Oceanside Sentry Female - Militia
Ted Huckabee Ted Huckabee ... Bruce (archive footage)
Anthony Michael Lopez Anthony Michael Lopez ... Oscar (archive footage)
Avi Nash Avi Nash ... Siddiq (archive footage)
Lindsley Register Lindsley Register ... Laura (archive footage)
Leslie Sides Leslie Sides ... Commonwealth Survivor
Produced by
David Alpert David Alpert
Roberto Fuertes Astór Roberto Fuertes Astór
Jim Barnes Jim Barnes
Brian Bockrath Brian Bockrath
Ryan Buffa Ryan Buffa
Ryan DeGard Ryan DeGard
Kevin Deiboldt Kevin Deiboldt
Scott M. Gimple Scott M. Gimple
Julia Hobgood Julia Hobgood
Gale Anne Hurd Gale Anne Hurd
Denise M. Huth Denise M. Huth
Joe Incaprera Joe Incaprera
Angela Kang Angela Kang
Robert Kirkman Robert Kirkman
Oleg Livits Oleg Livits
John Marler John Marler
Meredith Meade Meredith Meade
Nicole Mirante-Matthews Nicole Mirante-Matthews
LaToya Morgan LaToya Morgan
Erik Mountain Erik Mountain
Greg Nicotero Greg Nicotero
Corey Reed Corey Reed
Julia Ruchman Julia Ruchman
Jason Sax Jason Sax
Vivian Tse Vivian Tse
Caleb Womble Caleb Womble
Tom Luse Tom Luse
Eli Jorne Eli Jorne
Matthew Negrete Matthew Negrete
Brandee Brooks Brandee Brooks
Original Music by
Sam Ewing Sam Ewing
Bear McCreary Bear McCreary
Additional Info
Premiere: August 15, 2021
DVD Release: March 14, 2023
Blu-ray Release: March 14, 2023
Country: USA
Distributor: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
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Production Companies
American Movie Classics (AMC) (presents)
Circle of Confusion
Valhalla Motion Pictures (Valhalla Entertainment)
Darkwoods Productions
AMC Studios
Idiot Box Productions
American Movie Classics (AMC)
  (2010) (United States) (TV)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
  (2011) (United States) (season 1) (Blu-ray) (DVD)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
  (2011) (United States) (season 1) (DVD)
Fubo TV
  (2019) (United States) (video)
KVH Media Group
  (2015) (World-wide) (ships)
Lionsgate Home Entertainment
  (2017) (United States) (Blu-ray)
Lionsgate Home Entertainment
  (2017) (United States) (DVD)
  (2011) (United States) (VOD) (video)
Pluto TV
  (2020) (United States) (video)
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