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Directed by
Kevin Lewis Kevin Lewis
Written by
G.O. Parsons G.O. Parsons
Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage ... The Janitor
Emily Tosta Emily Tosta ... Liv
Beth Grant Beth Grant ... Sheriff Lund
Ric Reitz Ric Reitz ... Tex Macadoo
Chris Warner Chris Warner ... Jed Love
Caylee Cowan Caylee Cowan ... Kathy
Kai Kadlec Kai Kadlec ... Chris
Jonathan Mercedes Jonathan Mercedes ... Dan
Terayle Hill Terayle Hill ... Bob
Christian Delgrosso Christian Delgrosso ... Aaron (as Christian Del Grosso)
David Sheftell David Sheftell ... Evan
Jiri Stanek Jiri Stanek ... Willy
Jessica Graves Davis Jessica Graves Davis ... Siren Sara
Taylor Towery Taylor Towery ... Cammy the Chameleon
Chris Schmidt Jr. Chris Schmidt Jr. ... Tito the Turtle
Christopher Bradley Christopher Bradley ... Arty the Alligator (as Chris Bradley)
Duke Jackson Duke Jackson ... Knighty Knight
Billy Bussey Billy Bussey ... Gus the Gorilla
BJ Guyer BJ Guyer ... Ozzie the Ostrich
Chris Padilla Chris Padilla ... Jim (as Christopher Carlos Padilla)
Olga Cramer Olga Cramer ... Judy
Grant Cramer Grant Cramer ... Jerry Robert Willis
Émoi Émoi ... Willy (voice)
Mark Gagliardi Mark Gagliardi ... Gus (voice)
Abel Arias Abel Arias ... Tito / Ozzie (voice)
Madisun Leigh Madisun Leigh ... Cammy (voice)
Kamia Arrington Kamia Arrington ... Little Liv
Jason Tyler Jason Tyler ... Eric Miller
Ryan Kightlinger Ryan Kightlinger ... Biker
Joseph Teagle Joseph Teagle ... Hippie Couple
Jessica Teagle Jessica Teagle ... Hippie Couple
Lawreen K. Yakkel Lawreen K. Yakkel ... Cultist (as Lawreen Yakkel)
Ashann Bachan Ashann Bachan ... Cultist
Kevin Brown Kevin Brown ... Cultist
Eduardo Lozano Eduardo Lozano ... Cultist
Nathaniel Smith Jr. Nathaniel Smith Jr. ... Cultist
D.J. Stavropoulos D.J. Stavropoulos ... Cultist (as Demetrios Stavropoulos)
Michael Woodruff Michael Woodruff ... ATF Agent
J.J. Madaris J.J. Madaris ... ATF Agent
Robert Howell Robert Howell ... ATF Agent
Chris Speck Chris Speck ... ATF Agent
Benton Edens Benton Edens ... ATF Agent (as Benton Eden)
Elliott Boswell Elliott Boswell ... ATF Agent
Jaren Soto Jaren Soto ... Homeless Man
Kandace Lee Kandace Lee ... Smoker
Miles Woodruff Miles Woodruff ... Birthday Boy
Uncredited Cast
Justin Paul Warren Justin Paul Warren ... Dead Ice Cream Shop Owner
Produced by
Tamara Birkemoe Tamara Birkemoe
Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage
Grant Cramer Grant Cramer
Mark Damon Mark Damon
Jeremy Daniel Davis Jeremy Daniel Davis
Kevin V. Duncan Kevin V. Duncan
David Fannon David Fannon
Scottland Olds Harbert Scottland Olds Harbert
Bryan Lord Bryan Lord
David Nagelberg David Nagelberg
Seth Needle Seth Needle
Michael Nilon Michael Nilon
David Ozer David Ozer
Victor Perillo Victor Perillo
Adam Rifkin Adam Rifkin
Tim Rouhana Tim Rouhana
Jake Seal Jake Seal
Lawreen K. Yakkel Lawreen K. Yakkel
Original Music by
Émoi Émoi
Additional Info
Premiere: February 12, 2021
DVD Release: April 13, 2021
Blu-ray Release: April 13, 2021
Country: United States
Distributor: Screen Media Films
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia Twitter
Alternate Titles
> Wally's Wonderland
Production Companies
JD Entertainment
Landafar Entertainment
Landmark Studio Group
Saturn Films
Scream Factory
  (2024) (United States) (Ultra HD Blu-ray) (Blu-ray)
Screen Media Films
  (2021) (United States)
Filming Locations
2155 Rock Chapel Road, Lithonia, Georgia
  (Hayesville Trailer Park)
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Ferguson Plumbing Supply, 910 Cobb Pkwy N Building A, Marietta, Georgia
  (Hardware Store)
Marietta, Georgia
  (Filming City)
Sprayberry Crossing - 2692 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta, Georgia, USA
  (Willy's Wonderland)
Rating Stats
Overall Rating 5.5 / 10
Our Rating 6.4 / 10
Your Friends -- / 10
Male Users 5.8 / 10
Female Users 5.8 / 10
Site Ranking #2,754 / 20,626
Ratings Breakdown
2 total ratings
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#2,751 Slender Man Slender Man (2018)
#2,752 The Stand The Stand (1994)
#2,753 Women Talking Women Talking (2022)
#2,754 Willy's Wonderland Willy's Wonderland (2021)
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