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Directed by
Darren Doane Darren Doane
Written by
Darren Doane Darren Doane
Cheston Hervey Cheston Hervey
Kirk Cameron Kirk Cameron ... Kirk
Darren Doane Darren Doane ... Christian
Bridgette Cameron Bridgette Cameron ... Kirk's Sister (as Bridgette Ridenour)
Ben Kientz Ben Kientz ... St. Nick
David Shannon David Shannon ... Diondre
Raphi Henley Raphi Henley ... Conspiracy Theorist
Cameron Ridenour Cameron Ridenour ... Partygoer
Everett Ridenour Everett Ridenour ... Partygoer
Reese Ridenour Reese Ridenour ... Partygoer
Sharron Shannon Sharron Shannon ... Partygoer
Clarissa Shannon Clarissa Shannon ... Partygoer
Lydia Shannon Lydia Shannon ... Partygoer
Andrew Shannon Andrew Shannon ... Partygoer
Jacob Wilson Jacob Wilson ... Partygoer
Jaidyn Wilson Jaidyn Wilson ... Partygoer
Jersi Wilson Jersi Wilson ... Partygoer
Anna Ybarra Anna Ybarra ... Partygoer
Jesse Brandt Jesse Brandt ... Partygoer
Isabella Cameron Isabella Cameron ... Partygoer
Ahna Cameron Ahna Cameron ... Partygoer
Olivia Cameron Olivia Cameron ... Partygoer
James Cameron James Cameron ... Partygoer
Kaylee Cornwall Kaylee Cornwall ... Partygoer
Joseph Cornwall Joseph Cornwall ... Partygoer
Natalie Doane Natalie Doane ... Partygoer
Alexandra Doane Alexandra Doane ... Partygoer (as Alexandra Taylor Doane)
Emmersen Soren Doane Emmersen Soren Doane ... Partygoer
Zoe Trinity Doane Zoe Trinity Doane ... Partygoer
Knox Doane Knox Doane ... Partygoer (as Knox Asher Michael Doane)
Ryan Elliott Ryan Elliott ... Partygoer
Marshall Foster Marshall Foster ... Partygoer
Marissa Froiol Marissa Froiol ... Partygoer
Alexa Grossman Alexa Grossman ... Partygoer
Cheston Hervey Cheston Hervey ... Partygoer
Katherine Hervey Katherine Hervey ... Partygoer
Owen Hervey Owen Hervey ... Partygoer
Katherine Kenton Katherine Kenton ... Partygoer
Wes Meyer Wes Meyer ... Partygoer
Riley Bausmith Riley Bausmith ... Partygoer
Mackenzie Bausmith Mackenzie Bausmith ... Partygoer
Jocelyn Willis Jocelyn Willis ... God Squad Dance Crew
Omar Guillen Omar Guillen ... God Squad Dance Crew
Marco Acebo Marco Acebo ... God Squad Dance Crew
Courtney Brock Courtney Brock ... God Squad Dance Crew
McKenzie Brock McKenzie Brock ... God Squad Dance Crew
Marina Perry Marina Perry ... God Squad Dance Crew
Michael Piņa Michael Piņa ... God Squad Dance Crew
Produced by
Kirk Cameron Kirk Cameron
Bill Doane Bill Doane
Darren Doane Darren Doane
Raphi Henley Raphi Henley
Rex Holt Rex Holt
Ankara Rosser Ankara Rosser
David Shannon David Shannon
Original Music by
Brian Popkin Brian Popkin
Additional Info
Premiere: November 14, 2014
DVD Release: November 03, 2015
Country: USA
Distributor: Provident Films
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Production Companies
Camfam Studios
Liberty University (presents)
Provident Films
Samuel Goldwyn Films
  (2014) (USA) (theatrical)
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