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Directed by
Rick Popko Rick Popko  
Dan West Dan West  
Written by
Rick Popko Rick Popko ... written by
Dan West Dan West ... written by
Paul Weiner Paul Weiner ... Sheriff Duncan
Beth West Beth West ... Agent Hannigan
Dan Burr Dan Burr ... Dr. Stern
Dan West Dan West ... Deputy Dan
Rick Popko Rick Popko ... Deputy Rick
Dan Ellis Dan Ellis ... Johnny Waters
Timm Carney Timm Carney ... Timmy
Hannah Stangel Hannah Stangel ... Munchkin
Brad Dosland Brad Dosland ... Jack Schmidt
Mark Pirro Mark Pirro ... Police sketch artist
Donny Gonzales Donny Gonzales ... Irvin the Butler
Ken Dashner Ken Dashner ... Prof. Downing
Raoul Simpson Raoul Simpson ... Donny the Bartender
Dave Sutton Dave Sutton  
Dave Dumanis Dave Dumanis ... Frank
Lisa Rein Lisa Rein ... Rachel
Dalia Vidor Dalia Vidor ... Waitress
Tony Adams Tony Adams ... FBI Agent #2
Michael West Michael West ... Reporter
Peter Stangel Peter Stangel ... Daddy
Cameron Stangel Cameron Stangel ... Daughter (as Cammie Stangel)
Scott Britton Scott Britton ... Sewer worker
Bev Popko Bev Popko  
Molly Britton Molly Britton ... FBI agent
Wiley Price Wiley Price ... Bobby the Drunk
Kip Phillips Kip Phillips ... Randy the Drunk
Liz Kintzele Liz Kintzele  
Alan Fear Alan Fear  
Jon McAllister Jon McAllister  
Troy Brophy Troy Brophy  
Cindy Johnson Cindy Johnson  
Darren Gladstone Darren Gladstone ... Federal marshal #1
Eliot Van Buskirk Eliot Van Buskirk ... Federal marshal #3
Jesse Berney Jesse Berney ... Federal marshal #2
Jennifer Kim Jennifer Kim ... City Councilperson #1
Andrew Deemer Andrew Deemer ... City Councilperson #5
Melissa Dunn Melissa Dunn ... City Councilperson #3
Jeffery Wachs Jeffery Wachs ... City Councilperson #2
Phillip Dyer Phillip Dyer ... City Councilperson #4
Kaliel Roberts Kaliel Roberts  
Clay Popko Clay Popko  
Husni Hijazi Husni Hijazi  
Matt Elliott Matt Elliott  
Sarah Brook Sarah Brook  
Joseph Clark Joseph Clark  
Justine Nguyen Justine Nguyen  
Donald Bradley Donald Bradley  
Ryan Coleman Ryan Coleman  
Ryan MacDonald Ryan MacDonald  
Adam Gillitt Adam Gillitt ... (as Adam Gillett)
Navarro Brooks Navarro Brooks  
Trish O'Flinn Trish O'Flinn ... FBI agent
Wendy Britton Wendy Britton  
Paul Britton Paul Britton  
Mitchell Britton Mitchell Britton  
Joe Ortega Joe Ortega  
June Bohr June Bohr  
Becky West Becky West  
Kathy Bohr Kathy Bohr  
Stacey Jacobs Stacey Jacobs  
Jack Deshiell Jack Deshiell  
Melody Cortes Melody Cortes  
Lucas N. Boek Lucas N. Boek  
Eos de Feminis Eos de Feminis  
Ben Elgin Ben Elgin  
Carly Lyn Carly Lyn ... Skinny girl (as Carly Heath)
Joe Brandon Joe Brandon  
Gary Krimoni Gary Krimoni  
Oscar Oscar ... The Magic Weiner Dog
Uncredited Cast
Garrett Cassell Garrett Cassell ... Weiner King
Gordon Mah Ung Gordon Mah Ung ... Sewage night manager
Produced by
Rick Popko Rick Popko ... executive producer
Dan West Dan West ... executive producer
Original Music by
Marshall Crutcher Marshall Crutcher  
Visual Effects by
Glenn Campbell Glenn Campbell ... visual effects
Ken Dashner Ken Dashner ... visual effects
Mark Pirro Mark Pirro ... visual effects
Additional Info
Premiere: April 08, 2003
DVD Release: April 08, 2003
Country: United States
Distributor: Brain Damage
Websites: Official Site IMDb
Production Companies
4321 Productions
Dead Alive Productions
  (2003) (United States) (DVD)
Gravitas Ventures
  (2009) (United States) (VOD) (video)
Elite Entertainment
  (2004) (United States) (DVD)
Filming Locations
California, USA
Hopland, California, USA
Marin County, California, USA
San Francisco, California, USA
Sausalito, California, USA
St. Helena, Napa Valley, California, USA
Vacaville, California, USA
Rating Stats
Overall Rating 3.5 / 10
Our Rating 5.3 / 10
Male Users 4.7 / 10
Female Users 5.8 / 10
Site Ranking #8,968 / 22,328
Ratings Breakdown
1 total rating
Almost Perfect
1 total rating
2 total ratings
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