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Living the Dream September 27, 2009
Remains to Be Seen October 04, 2009
Blinded by the Light October 11, 2009
Dex Takes A Holiday October 18, 2009
Dirty Harry October 25, 2009
If I Had a Hammer November 01, 2009
Slack Tide November 08, 2009
Road Kill November 15, 2009
Hungry Man November 22, 2009
Lost Boys November 29, 2009
Hello, Dexter Morgan December 06, 2009
The Getaway December 13, 2009
Directed by
Marcos Siega Marcos Siega
Brian Kirk Brian Kirk
John Dahl John Dahl
Keith Gordon Keith Gordon
Romeo Tirone Romeo Tirone
Tim Hunter Tim Hunter
Ernest R. Dickerson Ernest R. Dickerson
S.J. Clarkson S.J. Clarkson
Steve Shill Steve Shill
Written by
James Manos Jr. James Manos Jr.
Jeff Lindsay Jeff Lindsay
Clyde Phillips Clyde Phillips
Charles H. Eglee Charles H. Eglee
Scott Buck Scott Buck
Melissa Rosenberg Melissa Rosenberg
Wendy West Wendy West
Tim Schlattmann Tim Schlattmann
Lauren Gussis Lauren Gussis
Scott Reynolds Scott Reynolds
Michael C. Hall Michael C. Hall ... Dexter Morgan (12 episodes)
Julie Benz Julie Benz ... Rita Morgan (12 episodes)
Jennifer Carpenter Jennifer Carpenter ... Debra Morgan (12 episodes)
Desmond Harrington Desmond Harrington ... Det. Joseph 'Joey' Quinn (12 episodes)
C.S. Lee C.S. Lee ... Vince Masuka (12 episodes)
Luna Lauren Velez Luna Lauren Velez ... Lt. Maria LaGuerta (12 episodes) (as Lauren Velez)
David Zayas David Zayas ... Sgt. Angel Batista (12 episodes)
James Remar James Remar ... Harry Morgan (12 episodes)
John Lithgow John Lithgow ... Arthur Mitchell (12 episodes)
Courtney Ford Courtney Ford ... Christine Hill (11 episodes)
Preston Bailey Preston Bailey ... Cody Bennett (11 episodes)
Christina Robinson Christina Robinson ... Astor Bennett (10 episodes)
Rick Peters Rick Peters ... Elliot (6 episodes)
Brando Eaton Brando Eaton ... Jonah Mitchell (6 episodes)
David Ramsey David Ramsey ... Anton Briggs (5 episodes)
Julia Campbell Julia Campbell ... Sally Mitchell (5 episodes)
Vanessa Marano Vanessa Marano ... Rebecca Mitchell (5 episodes)
Keith Carradine Keith Carradine ... Frank Lundy (4 episodes)
Geoff Pierson Geoff Pierson ... Deputy Chief Tom Matthews (4 episodes)
Alex Lewis Alex Lewis ... Marty (3 episodes) (as Alexander Lewis)
Alicia Lagano Alicia Lagano ... Nikki Wald (3 episodes)
Mary Mara Mary Mara ... Valerie Hodges (3 episodes)
Jake Short Jake Short ... Scott Smith (3 episodes)
Roger Ranney Roger Ranney ... Nick Smith (3 episodes)
Tasia Sherel Tasia Sherel ... Francis (2 episodes)
Suzanne Cryer Suzanne Cryer ... Tarla Grant (2 episodes)
Marisa Petroro Marisa Petroro ... Kate (2 episodes)
Leyna Nguyen Leyna Nguyen ... News Anchor (2 episodes)
J.R. Cacia J.R. Cacia ... Off. Gordon (2 episodes)
Adrienne Barbeau Adrienne Barbeau ... Suzanna Coffey
Lisa Darr Lisa Darr ... Benny's Lawyer
Jerry O'Donnell Jerry O'Donnell ... Flashdrive Detective
Kelly Huddleston Kelly Huddleston ... Lisa Bell
James Ingersoll James Ingersoll ... Cop
Gino Aquino Gino Aquino ... Benny Gomez
Mary Alyce Kania Mary Alyce Kania ... Karen
Adalia Braydon Adalia Braydon ... Young Teacher
Richard Gilliland Richard Gilliland ... Eddie Noonan
D. David Morin D. David Morin ... Doctor
Frank Crim Frank Crim ... Bill
Onika Day Onika Day ... EMT
Japheth Gordon Japheth Gordon ... Cop
Aaron Refvem Aaron Refvem ... Boy
Kim Estes Kim Estes ... Fireman
J.C. MacKenzie J.C. MacKenzie ... Andy Brightman
Matthew Fahey Matthew Fahey ... Jesse Brightman
Ricardo Chacon Ricardo Chacon ... Deputy Russell (as Ricardo J. Chacon)
Christina Cox Christina Cox ... Off. Zoey Kruger
Tim Maculan Tim Maculan ... Sam
Sharon Sachs Sharon Sachs ... Realtor
James MacPherson James MacPherson ... Mike
Jason Rogel Jason Rogel ... Langsbury
Christopher Darga Christopher Darga ... Security Guard
Olivia Burnette Olivia Burnette ... Pam
Jeff Leaf Jeff Leaf ... Clerk
Asante Jones Asante Jones ... Off. Reece
Giovanni Lopes Giovanni Lopes ... Off. Nunez
Ryan Christiansen Ryan Christiansen ... Off. Hanson
Roma Maffia Roma Maffia ... Marriage Therapist
Greg Ellis Greg Ellis ... Jonathan Farrow
Mark Atteberry Mark Atteberry ... Attorney
John Griffin John Griffin ... Timothy Brand
Cooper Huckabee Cooper Huckabee ... Joe Nix
Bill Doyle Bill Doyle ... Father
Eve Mauro Eve Mauro ... Attractive Woman
Andrew Thacher Andrew Thacher ... Bob Moore
Greg Joung Paik Greg Joung Paik ... Mr. Lee
Esther Paik Esther Paik ... Mrs. Lee
Bo Kane Bo Kane ... Sonny Skyes
Harrison Thacher Harrison Thacher ... Spencer Moore
Steven Ritzi Steven Ritzi ... Volunteer #1 (as Steve Ritzi)
Kortney Manns Kortney Manns ... Volunteer #2 (as Kortney T. Manns)
Hayley DuMond Hayley DuMond ... Nurse
Clayton Mattingly Clayton Mattingly ... Neighbor Kid
Sarah Grant Brendecke Sarah Grant Brendecke ... Nanny
Kathy Christopherson Kathy Christopherson ... Jill
Katie Grant Katie Grant ... Woman
Kavita Patil Kavita Patil ... Doctor
Mike Kersey Mike Kersey ... Volunteer
Chad Todhunter Chad Todhunter ... Kyle Butler #1
Ian Patrick Williams Ian Patrick Williams ... Stan Beaudry
Frederick Koehler Frederick Koehler ... Neighbor (as Fred Koehler)
Eric George Eric George ... Detective (as Eric K. George)
Keith Gordon Keith Gordon ... Kyle Butler #2
Fred Ochs Fred Ochs ... Judge Belford
Heather Olt Heather Olt ... Uni
Jennifer DeFilippo Jennifer DeFilippo ... Desk Officer
Jim Metzler Jim Metzler ... Special Agent Davis
Christopher Goodman Christopher Goodman ... Angry Driver
Geno Monteiro Geno Monteiro ... Officer
John Littlefield John Littlefield ... Deputy
Jullian Dulce Vida Jullian Dulce Vida ... Julio
Jacquelyn Burns Jacquelyn Burns ... Trinity Killer Victim
Nicole Preston Nicole Preston ... Trinity Killer Victim
Uncredited Cast
Bruce Holman Bruce Holman ... Det. Michael Soderquist (12 episodes)
Maxwell Huckabee Maxwell Huckabee ... Little Dexter (2 episodes)
Keith Carradine Keith Carradine ... Frank Lundy (archive footage)
Gino Aquino Gino Aquino ... Benny Gomez (archive footage)
Mylinda Royer Mylinda Royer ... Widow
Olivia Presley Olivia Presley ... Jogger
Preston Thompson Preston Thompson ... Boy
Matthew R. Anderson Matthew R. Anderson ... Neighborhood Watch Member
Joseph Adémola Adéyemo Joseph Adémola Adéyemo ... Detective
Amanda Perry Amanda Perry ... Pretty Woman
Hannah Victoria Stock Hannah Victoria Stock ... Dead Child
Patrick Labyorteaux Patrick Labyorteaux ... Cook at Sandwich Shop
Aryn Nelson Aryn Nelson ... Habitat for Humanity
John Griffin John Griffin ... Timothy Brand
Jessica Carlos Jessica Carlos ... Anita Parente
Lisa Catara Lisa Catara ... Farrow Beauty
Heidi Brook Myers Heidi Brook Myers ... Nancy Moore
Ty Haile Ty Haile ... Homeless Boy
Tai Urban Tai Urban ... Arcade Fascination Game Player
Sandra Medina Sandra Medina ... Police Officer
Shanelle Renet Shanelle Renet ... Reporter
Christian Camargo Christian Camargo ... Brian Moser (archive footage)
Jera Sky Jera Sky ... Press Photographer
Produced by
Scott Buck Scott Buck
Sara Colleton Sara Colleton
Charles H. Eglee Charles H. Eglee
John Goldwyn John Goldwyn
Lauren Gussis Lauren Gussis
Michael C. Hall Michael C. Hall
Gary Law Gary Law
Robert Lloyd Lewis Robert Lloyd Lewis
Clyde Phillips Clyde Phillips
Melissa Rosenberg Melissa Rosenberg
Tim Schlattmann Tim Schlattmann
Chad Tomasoski Chad Tomasoski
Wendy West Wendy West
Original Music by
Daniel Licht Daniel Licht
Additional Info
Premiere: September 27, 2009
DVD Release: August 17, 2010
Blu-ray Release: August 17, 2010
Country: USA
Distributor: Showtime Entertainment
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Production Companies
Showtime Networks (presents)
John Goldwyn Productions
The Colleton Company
Clyde Phillips Productions
Devilina Productions
  (2008) (USA) (TV) (season 1) (episodes 1-12) (edited)
KVH Media Group
  (2015) (World-wide) (all media) (Ships)
Paramount Home Entertainment
  (2007) (USA) (DVD) (season 1)
Paramount Home Entertainment
  (2008) (USA) (DVD) (season 2)
Paramount Home Entertainment
  (2009) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD) (seasons 1-3)
Paramount Home Entertainment
  (2009) (USA) (DVD) (season 3)
Paramount Home Entertainment
  (2010) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD) (season 4)
Paramount Home Entertainment
  (2010) (USA) (DVD) (season 4)
Showtime Entertainment
  (2007) (USA) (DVD) (season 1)
Showtime Entertainment
  (2008) (USA) (DVD) (season 2)
Showtime Entertainment
  (2009) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD) (seasons 1-3)
Showtime Entertainment
  (2009) (USA) (DVD) (season 3)
Showtime Networks
  (2006-2013) (USA) (TV)
Showtime Networks
  (2020) (USA) (TV) (TV Re-air)
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