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Directed by
Billy Garberina Billy Garberina
Richard Griffin Richard Griffin
Written by
Adam Jarmon Brown Adam Jarmon Brown
Billy Garberina Billy Garberina
Billy Garberina Billy Garberina ... Jack
Adam Jarmon Brown Adam Jarmon Brown ... Alex
Mark Chavez Mark Chavez ... Clark
Brandy Bluejacket Brandy Bluejacket ... Penny
Gene Grant Gene Grant ... Keith
Scott Phillips Scott Phillips ... Thortenberry
Kurly Tlapoyawa Kurly Tlapoyawa ... Musashi
Jeremy Owen Jeremy Owen ... Paul
Thomas Severinghaus Thomas Severinghaus ... Shotgun Rob
Aaron Work Aaron Work ... Euronymous
Kevin Santry Kevin Santry ... Louie
Ellie Phillips Ellie Phillips ... Old Lady Johnson
Gary Chantler Gary Chantler ... Dark Star
Frida Moreno Frida Moreno ... Gimp Wrangler
Wes Gray Wolf Wes Gray Wolf ... Gimp
Peter Fishburn Peter Fishburn ... Panicked Old Man
Jeremy Casias Jeremy Casias ... Hanging Guy (as Jermey Casias)
Garrison Cooper Gillam Garrison Cooper Gillam ... Brain Baby
Tanith Fiedler Tanith Fiedler ... Schoolgirl Vampire
Ochressandro Rettinger Ochressandro Rettinger ... Armless / Toothless
Rey Garcia Rey Garcia ... Video store customer
Sara Lehmann Sara Lehmann ... Werewolf Victim
Shenoah Allen Shenoah Allen ... Blacky Mackland
Miles Blackman Miles Blackman ... Zombie
Steve Blacksmith Steve Blacksmith ... Zombie (as Steven Blacksmith)
Josh Center Josh Center ... Zombie
Flaco Clemente Flaco Clemente ... Video Store Owner
Jonathan Cromwell Jonathan Cromwell ... Zombie
Jhonen Dark Jhonen Dark ... Baby - Uneaten
Garrison Cooper Gilliam Garrison Cooper Gilliam ... Brain Baby
Jamison Jontry Jamison Jontry ... Sorority Girl
Michael Andrew Kountz Michael Andrew Kountz ... Tie Zombie
Laina Loucks Laina Loucks ... Zombie
Arch Stanton Arch Stanton ... Corpse
Julian Wolf Julian Wolf ... S&M Zombie / Vampire / Goth Kid / Zombie
Produced by
Billy Garberina Billy Garberina
Scott Phillips Scott Phillips
Ochressandro Rettinger Ochressandro Rettinger
Original Music by
Paul Amos Paul Amos
Additional Info
Premiere: August 31, 2007
DVD Release: September 30, 2008
Country: United States
Distributor: Shock-O-Rama Cinema
Websites: Official Site IMDb
Production Companies
C.R. Productions
The Cinema Guild
  (2007) (United States) (theatrical)
Shock-O-Rama Cinema
  (2008) (United States) (DVD)
Shock-O-Rama Cinema
  (2010) (United States) (DVD)
Rating Stats
Overall Rating 5.3 / 10
Our Rating 6.2 / 10
Reviewers 9.0 / 10
Your Friends -- / 10
Male Users 6.2 / 10
Female Users 5.0 / 10
Site Ranking #12,261 / 19,395
Ratings Breakdown
3 total ratings
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1 total rating
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