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Twenty Minutes with Cassandra/Smile October 13, 2023
The Hat/Grieving Process October 13, 2023
Parent Death Trap/To Grandmother's House We Go October 13, 2023
Meet the Belaskos/Cheat Code October 13, 2023
Something Burrowed, Something Blue/Doodles October 13, 2023
George Romero in 3D/Baby Teeth October 13, 2023
Directed by
John Harrison John Harrison
Greg Nicotero Greg Nicotero
Kailey Spear Kailey Spear
Sam Spear Sam Spear
Justin G. Dyck Justin G. Dyck
P.J. Pesce P.J. Pesce
John Esposito John Esposito
Written by
Jamie Flanagan Jamie Flanagan
Mike Scannell Mike Scannell
Byron Willinger Byron Willinger
Philip de Blasi Philip de Blasi
Mike D. McCarty Mike D. McCarty
John Esposito John Esposito
Erik Sandoval Erik Sandoval
Michael Rousselet Michael Rousselet
William Butler William Butler
Claire Carré Claire Carré
Charles Spano Charles Spano
Todd Spence Todd Spence
Zak White Zak White
Melanie Dale Melanie Dale
Samantha Sloyan Samantha Sloyan ... Lorna (segment '20 Minutes with Cassandra')
Ruth Codd Ruth Codd ... Cassandra (segment '20 Minutes with Cassandra')
Franckie Francois Franckie Francois ... Okwe (segment '20 Minutes with Cassandra')
Carey Jones Carey Jones ... The Monster (segment '20 Minutes with Cassandra')
Nick Heffelfinger Nick Heffelfinger ... Delivery Person (segment '20 Minutes with Cassandra')
Matthew James Dowden Matthew James Dowden ... James Harris (segment 'Smile')
Lucie Guest Lucie Guest ... Sarah Harris (segment 'Smile')
Max Archibald Max Archibald ... Max (segment 'Smile')
Roberto Lanzas Roberto Lanzas ... Photographer (segment 'Smile')
Daniel Ian Joeck Daniel Ian Joeck ... Maitre D' (segment 'Smile')
Claire Friesen Claire Friesen ... Waitress (segment 'Smile')
Aleksandra Cross Aleksandra Cross ... Excited Young Woman (segment 'Smile')
Mateo Deuma Mateo Deuma ... Gabriel (segment 'Smile')
Ryan Beil Ryan Beil ... Jay (segment 'The Hat')
Sara Canning Sara Canning ... Astrid (segment 'The Hat')
Marlee Walchuk Marlee Walchuk ... Nicole (segment 'The Hat')
Kelly Metzger Kelly Metzger ... May (segment 'The Hat')
David Beairsto David Beairsto ... Bachman (segment 'The Hat')
Sachin Sahel Sachin Sahel ... Richard (segment 'Grieving Process')
Rachel Drance Rachel Drance ... April (segment 'Grieving Process')
Maemae Renfrow Maemae Renfrow ... Jean (segment 'Grieving Process')
Kingston Chan Kingston Chan ... Daisy (segment 'Grieving Process')
Elfina Luk Elfina Luk ... Detective Kiernan (segment 'Grieving Process')
Rebecca Davis Rebecca Davis ... Dr. Spence (segment 'Grieving Process')
Dylan Sloane Dylan Sloane ... Lyle Veljohnson (segment 'Parent Death Trap')
Loretta Walsh Loretta Walsh ... Gloria Veljohnson (segment 'Parent Death Trap')
Shaughnessy Redden Shaughnessy Redden ... Archibald Veljohnson (segment 'Parent Death Trap')
Chloe Babcook Chloe Babcook ... Violet Meyers (segment 'Parent Death Trap')
Andrea Drepaul Andrea Drepaul ... Special Agent Ella (segment 'Parent Death Trap')
Ed Chow Ed Chow ... Special Agent Mann (segment 'Parent Death Trap')
Julie Howgate Julie Howgate ... Viviane Meyers (segment 'Parent Death Trap')
Tariq Leslie Tariq Leslie ... Chester Meyers (segment 'Parent Death Trap')
Talia Mathers Talia Mathers ... Woman (segment 'Parent Death Trap')
Cooper Bibaud Cooper Bibaud ... Police Officer #1 (segment 'Parent Death Trap')
Keegan Connor Tracy Keegan Connor Tracy ... Marcia (segment 'To Grandmother's House We Go')
Emma Oliver Emma Oliver ... Ruby (segment 'To Grandmother's House We Go')
Jason Bell Jason Bell ... Werewolf (segment 'To Grandmother's House We Go') (as Jay Bell)
Jason McKinnon Jason McKinnon ... Benny (segment 'To Grandmother's House We Go')
Marion Eisman Marion Eisman ... Belinda (segment 'To Grandmother's House We Go')
Teana-Marie Smith Teana-Marie Smith ... Preacher (segment 'To Grandmother's House We Go')
Amanda Huxtable Amanda Huxtable ... Carla (segment 'To Grandmother's House We Go')
Daevyd Avalon Daevyd Avalon ... David (segment 'To Grandmother's House We Go') (as a different name)
Devyn Dalton Devyn Dalton ... Ruby Werewolf (segment 'To Grandmother's House We Go')
Karis Cameron Karis Cameron ... Anna (segment 'Meet the Belaskos')
Matthew Nelson-Mahood Matthew Nelson-Mahood ... Alex (segment 'Meet the Belaskos')
Brendan Taylor Brendan Taylor ... Chuck (segment 'Meet the Belaskos')
Donavon Stinson Donavon Stinson ... Doug (segment 'Meet the Belaskos')
Lisa Durupt Lisa Durupt ... Helena (segment 'Meet the Belaskos')
Andrew Long Andrew Long ... Hunter 1 (segment 'Meet the Belaskos')
Andrew Nadanyi Andrew Nadanyi ... Hunter 2 (segment 'Meet the Belaskos')
Jonathan Vellner Jonathan Vellner ... Hunter 3 (segment 'Meet the Belaskos')
Hugo Steele Hugo Steele ... Hunter 4 (segment 'Meet the Belaskos')
Sari Mercer Sari Mercer ... Mother Roach (segment 'Meet the Belaskos')
Connor Wong Connor Wong ... Dave (segment 'Cheat Code')
Lochlyn Munro Lochlyn Munro ... Jeff (segment 'Cheat Code')
Hanna Huffman Hanna Huffman ... Reina (segment 'Cheat Code')
Nikolas Filipovic Nikolas Filipovic ... Spencer (segment 'Cheat Code')
Kelly Ann Woods Kelly Ann Woods ... Spencer's Mom (segment 'Cheat Code')
Kyle Strauts Kyle Strauts ... Alien (segment 'Cheat Code')
Curtis Lum Curtis Lum ... Ryan Lee (segment 'Something Burrowed, Something Blue')
Tom Atkins Tom Atkins ... Frank Cochran (segment 'Something Burrowed, Something Blue')
Kristy Dawn Dinsmore Kristy Dawn Dinsmore ... Allison Cochran (segment 'Something Burrowed, Something Blue')
Bernie Yao Bernie Yao ... Daryl Lee (segment 'Something Burrowed, Something Blue')
Anja Savcic Anja Savcic ... Angela (segment 'Doodles')
Tina Grant Tina Grant ... Sonia (segment 'Doodles')
Tyler McClendon Tyler McClendon ... Roger Barton (segment 'Doodles')
David Lennon David Lennon ... Calvin (segment 'Doodles')
Kenny Wood-Schatz Kenny Wood-Schatz ... Bartender (segment 'Doodles')
Kevin Amestoy Kevin Amestoy ... Cartoonist (segment 'Doodles')
Alaska Leigh Alaska Leigh ... Roger's Secretary (segment 'Doodles')
Kyra Zagorsky Kyra Zagorsky ... Sarah (segment 'George Romero in 3D')
Graham Verchere Graham Verchere ... Martin (segment 'George Romero in 3D')
Megan Charpentier Megan Charpentier ... Dawn (segment 'George Romero in 3D')
Sebastian Kroon Sebastian Kroon ... George Romero (segment 'George Romero in 3D')
Peter New Peter New ... Cooper (segment 'George Romero in 3D')
Anthony Moyer Anthony Moyer ... Bub (segment 'George Romero in 3D')
Danny Hospes Danny Hospes ... Zombie (segment 'George Romero in 3D')
Roberto Alejandro Sandoval Santana Roberto Alejandro Sandoval Santana ... Zombie #2 (segment 'George Romero in 3D')
Rochelle Greenwood Rochelle Greenwood ... Miranda (segment 'Baby Teeth')
Alison Thornton Alison Thornton ... Shelby (segment 'Baby Teeth')
Micaela Nyland Micaela Nyland ... Kaitlyn (segment 'Baby Teeth')
Maya Ford Maya Ford ... Nurse (segment 'Baby Teeth')
Produced by
Russell Binder Russell Binder
James Glenn Dudelson James Glenn Dudelson
Robert Franklin Dudelson Robert Franklin Dudelson
Craig Engler Craig Engler
John Esposito John Esposito
Anthony Fankhauser Anthony Fankhauser
Julia Hobgood Julia Hobgood
Jeff Holland Jeff Holland
Jordan Kizwani Jordan Kizwani
Dawn Knight Dawn Knight
Marc Mostman Marc Mostman
Laurel Murphy Laurel Murphy
Greg Nicotero Greg Nicotero
Jim Reeve Jim Reeve
Geoff Silverman Geoff Silverman
Stan Spry Stan Spry
Steven St. Arnaud Steven St. Arnaud
Brian Witten Brian Witten
Eric Scott Woods Eric Scott Woods
Samuel Zimmerman Samuel Zimmerman
Original Music by
Christopher Drake Christopher Drake
Additional Info
Premiere: October 13, 2023
DVD Release: December 05, 2023
Blu-ray Release: December 05, 2023
Country: United States
Distributor: Shudder
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia Facebook Twitter
Production Companies
The Cartel
Monster Agency Productions (in association with)
Taurus Entertainment Company (in association with)
AMC Studios
Cartel Pictures
Great Point Media (in association with)
Striker Entertainment
Talent One
Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution
  (2019) (United States) (sales)
  (2019) (United States) (VOD) (video)
Dynamic Television
  (2019) (World-wide) (sales)
  (2019) (United States) (VOD) (video)
Critics' Choice Video
  (2021) (United States) (Season 2) (DVD)
Taurus Entertainment Company
  (2019) (United States)
Filming Locations
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  (seasons 1-3)
Georgia, USA
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  (season 4)
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