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Directed by
Flying Lotus Flying Lotus  
Maggie Levin Maggie Levin  
Tyler MacIntyre Tyler MacIntyre  
Johannes Roberts Johannes Roberts  
Joseph Winter Joseph Winter  
Vanessa Winter Vanessa Winter  
Written by
Zoe Cooper Zoe Cooper  
Flying Lotus Flying Lotus  
Chris Lee Hill Chris Lee Hill  
Maggie Levin Maggie Levin  
Tyler MacIntyre Tyler MacIntyre  
Johannes Roberts Johannes Roberts  
Joseph Winter Joseph Winter  
Vanessa Winter Vanessa Winter  
Jesse LaTourette Jesse LaTourette ... Rachel (segment 'Shredding')
Keanush Tafreshi Keanush Tafreshi ... Ankur (segment 'Shredding')
Dashiell Derrickson Dashiell Derrickson ... Chris Carbonara (segment 'Shredding')
Jackson Kelly Jackson Kelly ... Kaleb (segment 'Shredding')
Tybee Diskin Tybee Diskin ... RC (segment 'Shredding')
Verona Blue Verona Blue ... Deirdre (segment 'Shredding')
Aminah Nieves Aminah Nieves ... Charissa (segment 'Shredding')
Kelley Missal Kelley Missal ... Jessie (segment 'Shredding')
Melissa Macedo Melissa Macedo ... Jessie Deux (segment 'Shredding')
Ally Ioannides Ally Ioannides ... Lily (segment 'Suicide Bid')
Isabelle Hahn Isabelle Hahn ... Annie (segment 'Suicide Bid')
Breana Raquel Breana Raquel ... Helen (segment 'Suicide Bid')
Caitlin Serros Caitlin Serros ... Imogene (segment 'Suicide Bid')
Brittany Gandy Brittany Gandy ... Lucy (segment 'Suicide Bid')
Logan Riley Logan Riley ... Hannah (segment 'Suicide Bid')
Maurice Webster Maurice Webster ... Security Guard (segment 'Suicide Bid')
Steven Ogg Steven Ogg ... Host (segment 'Ozzy's Dungeon')
Jerry Boyd Jerry Boyd ... Marcus (segment 'Ozzy's Dungeon')
Sonya Eddy Sonya Eddy ... Debra (segment 'Ozzy's Dungeon')
Amelia Ann Amelia Ann ... Donna (segment 'Ozzy's Dungeon')
Charles Lott Jr. Charles Lott Jr. ... Brandon (segment 'Ozzy's Dungeon')
Stephanie Ray Stephanie Ray ... Ozzy (segment 'Ozzy's Dungeon')
Lauren Powers Lauren Powers ... Bodybuilder (segment 'Ozzy's Dungeon')
Lukas Gilbert Lukas Gilbert ... Timmy (segment 'Ozzy's Dungeon')
Shae Rodriguez Shae Rodriguez ... Stretcher Kid (segment 'Ozzy's Dungeon')
Jeff Barnett Jeff Barnett ... Stage Hand 1 (segment 'Ozzy's Dungeon')
Khalid Ghajji Khalid Ghajji ... Stage Hand 2 (segment 'Ozzy's Dungeon')
Zinnett Hendrix Zinnett Hendrix ... Contestant 1 (segment 'Ozzy's Dungeon')
Raquel Cain Raquel Cain ... Contestant 2 (segment 'Ozzy's Dungeon')
Emily Sweet Emily Sweet ... Sandra (segment 'The Gawkers')
Luke Mullen Luke Mullen ... Dylan (segment 'The Gawkers')
Ethan Pogue Ethan Pogue ... Brady (segment 'The Gawkers')
Cree Kawa Cree Kawa ... Mark (segment 'The Gawkers')
Tyler Lofton Tyler Lofton ... Kurt (segment 'The Gawkers')
Duncan Anderson Duncan Anderson ... Boner (segment 'The Gawkers')
Denise Dorado Denise Dorado ... Emma (segment 'The Gawkers')
Janna Bossier Janna Bossier ... Mom (segment 'The Gawkers')
Hannah Kat Jones Hannah Kat Jones ... Cassidy (segment 'The Gawkers')
Danny Jolles Danny Jolles ... Delivery Driver (segment 'The Gawkers')
Archelaus Crisanto Archelaus Crisanto ... Nate (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Joseph Winter Joseph Winter ... Troy (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Melanie Stone Melanie Stone ... Mabel (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Kim Abunuwara Kim Abunuwara ... Jane (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Ehab Abunuwara Ehab Abunuwara ... Husband (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Ryann Abunuwara Ryann Abunuwara ... Julia / Tortured Screams (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Tori Pence Tori Pence ... Kirsten (segment 'To Hell And Back')
James C. Morris James C. Morris ... Furcas / Sticky Man / Faceless / Tortured Screams (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Perla Lacayo Perla Lacayo ... Witch Alex (segment 'To Hell And Back') (as Alex Lacayo)
Vickie Hayden Vickie Hayden ... Witch Vickie (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Coe-Jane Weight Coe-Jane Weight ... Grandma Great (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Ariel Lee Ariel Lee ... Wormaid (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Dustin Watts Dustin Watts ... Ukoban (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Calen Chan Calen Chan ... Winged Demon 1 (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Christian Russell Christian Russell ... Winged Demon 2 (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Tyler Evans Tyler Evans ... Giant Devil / Tortured Soul 1 (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Miguel Peņa Miguel Peņa ... Tortured Soul 2 (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Parker Cluff Parker Cluff ... Tortured Soul 3 / Cave Body (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Sena Warren Sena Warren ... Cave Tortured Soul (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Casey Warren Casey Warren ... Bloodletter 1 / Voice of Satan (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Alex Hasse Alex Hasse ... Bloodletter 2 (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Beni Alexander Beni Alexander ... Bloodletter 3 (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Halem Medina Halem Medina ... Large Bloodletter / Bloodletter Voice (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Corbett McAllister Corbett McAllister ... Troy's Stunt Double (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Marc Miller Marc Miller ... Bloodletter Voice (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Austin Anderson Austin Anderson ... Bloodletter Voice (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Jared Cook Jared Cook ... Bloodletter Voice (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Vanessa Winter Vanessa Winter ... Voice of Wormaid (segment 'To Hell And Back')
Amanda Seria Amanda Seria ... Tortured Screams (segment 'To Hell And Back') (as Amanda Cook)
Kyle Bales Kyle Bales ... Stage Hand
Rae Olivier Rae Olivier ... Rachel's Mom
Christopher Lee Page Christopher Lee Page ... Guiltine
Naomi Phan Naomi Phan ... Game Contestant
Produced by
Matt Bettinelli-Olpin Matt Bettinelli-Olpin  
David Bruckner David Bruckner  
Jared Cook Jared Cook  
Gabi Cuascut Gabi Cuascut  
Paige Dowling Paige Dowling  
Joseph Frantz Joseph Frantz  
Tyler Gillett Tyler Gillett  
Josh Goldbloom Josh Goldbloom  
Emily Gotto Emily Gotto  
Constance L. Hoy Constance L. Hoy  
Nicholas Lazo Nicholas Lazo  
Brad Miska Brad Miska  
John Negropontes John Negropontes  
Chad Villella Chad Villella  
Andrew Williams Andrew Williams  
Joseph Winter Joseph Winter  
Vanessa Winter Vanessa Winter  
Zak Zeman Zak Zeman  
Samuel Zimmerman Samuel Zimmerman  
Original Music by
Keeley Bumford Dresage Keeley Bumford Dresage  
Joseph Winter Joseph Winter  
Additional Info
Premiere: October 22, 2022
DVD Release: May 23, 2023
Blu-ray Release: May 23, 2023
Country: United States
Distributor: Shudder
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia
Production Companies
Bloody Disgusting
Cinepocalypse Productions
Cook Filmworks (segment "To Hell And Back")
Winterspectre Entertainment (segment "To Hell And Back")
  (2022) (United States) (VOD) (video)
Rating Stats
Overall Rating 5.1 / 10
Our Rating 6.1 / 10
Your Friends -- / 10
Male Users 5.4 / 10
Female Users 5.8 / 10
Site Ranking #5,149 / 22,050
Ratings Breakdown
1 total rating
Almost Perfect
1 total rating
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