The Man Show: Season 2 (2000)

DVD Cover (Eagle Vision USA)
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Overall Rating 66%
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Connections: The Man Show

"Grab a beer and drop your pants, send your wife and kids to France," made up the opening line to The Man Show, Comedy Central's raucous celebration of the basest qualities of men, including but not limited to lighting farts, ogling women, drinking beer, and watching porn. The Man Show's most successful years featured comic Jimmy Kimmel and his partner in crime, fellow comedian Adam Carolla. The two men set out to be as offensive as humanly possible, and despite succeeding much of the time, managed to distill the rampant chauvinism with a constant stream of self-effacing humor. The Man Show also became known for its Juggies -- women whose "jugs" and their subsequent bouncing ability provided a weekly source of amusement at the end of each show when they would jump on trampolines for an eager studio audience. --AllMovie
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