Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde (2016)

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Overall Rating 78%
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Aspiring writer Mercedes Carrera has a job as a housekeeper, and a big shot girlfriend who works the reception desk at a law firm, and thinks that makes her superior. Mercedes knows that being a maid is an honorable job, and it's only temporary, until her book is published. But she's bummed about reaching her dreams today. Who is she kidding? This is her life and she's only ever going be a maid. Feeling lowly and worthless, she stumbles upon an enchanting wooden chest in the closet. Inside she finds two crystal bottles of perfume. One sweet, like she would typically wear. The other naughty like sex. A heady, musky mesmerizing smell that she can't resist spritzing on herself. And just like that, the earth tremors, lights flicker, and something in the house feels strange. She sees a reflection in the mirror, but it's not her own. Is she going mad? --IMDb
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