Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason (2004)

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Connections: Bridget Jones

This story picks up four weeks after the first movie, and already Bridget Jones is becoming uncomfortable in her relationship with Mark Darcy. Apart from discovering that he's a conservative voter, she has to deal with a new boss, strange contractor, and the worst vacation of her life. --IMDb
Review by bluemeanie
Added: October 11, 2006
When the original "Bridget Jones Diary" was released, I never made it a point to see it in the theatres. Those kinds of films usually hold very little interest for me. In fact, I never got around to seeing the film until a year or so ago, when it happened to come on Starz! and I had absolutely nothing else to watch. I was not that impressed. So, why did I go for the sequel. I am always looking for sequels that best the original film. It happens rarely, but when it does -- lookout -- because that is the sign of a franchise in the making. "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" not only signals the beginning of a profitable franchise, but also Renee Zellweger's continuing rise as one of the greatest actresses working today in both comedy and drama. This film was better than the original and turned out to be one of the most entertaining films I have seen all year long.

Renee Zellweger reprises her role as the outspoken, mildly chubby journalist Bridget Jones, who always means well, but never manages to accomplish exactly what he heart wants her to do. Colin Firth reprises his role as her once horribly uptight, now a little more settled down, boyfriend Mark Darcy, a Civil Rights Attorney (as Bridget so skillfully points out at every chance). The two have been dating for a while now, and seem to really be enjoying one another, even when Bridget calls him with some very naughty words while he is surrounded by colleagues and clients. Everything is going fine until Bridget starts suspecting him of having an affair with a co-worker, Rebecca (Jacinda Barrett). This leads her through a series of ups and downs, breakups and hookups, and even imprisonment in a Thai prison for drug smuggling. But, it does give her a wonderful chance to teach a jail full of Thai prisoners how to properly sing Madonna's "Like A Virgin".

What makes this sequel better than the original is the familiarity. People are comfortable with these characters now, and they can get away with murder as a result. When Bridget is heartbroken, the audience is heartbroken. When Mark is a bastard, we feel like smacking him across the face. And, when Mark and Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) start slap fighting in the fountain, we wish we were right there, rooting them on. It is this familiarity that will allow for another sequel, and another, and another. It is rare when a comedy can become a franchise, but this film gives it all the potential in the world. This could also see Renee Zellweger land another Oscar nomination for her role as Bridget Jones, making her the first actress to receive two Oscar nominations for playing the same character in each film. My, wouldn't that be an accomplishment?

The only negative aspect of this film was that I really didn't get enough of Hugh Grant. His character was the best written in the original, and the same goes for the sequel. He still, however, managed to steal the film with his fountain fight, conducted to the backdrop of "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" by The Darkness. When Colin Firth asks him to step outside, and he responds with, "No, that's not possible" -- that is vintage Hugh Grant. There is also another highly enjoyable scene that finds Bridget high on Thai mushrooms, splashing around in the ocean, and shouting "Pretty Bridget! Pretty Bridget!". You can't get much better than that. And, the ending is expected, yet still as charming as ever, with Bridget closing the films with sage words of wisdom. Jim Broadbent should win a Best Actor award for having to wear that miserable lavender tuxedo. Yikes!

So, "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" is a terrific film for the holiday season, and utterly hilarious throughout. You get more 'in your face' humor and more jokes at Bridget's expense, but that is what the films are all about. All in all, I would say that the sequel is more comedy that romance, but it can get away with it, because it still gives us enough romance to suffice. I highly recommend you check this film out, and be prepared to enjoy it much more than the original. If you did not like the original, join the club. I re-watched it and I still don't like it. Funny how that works sometimes.

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