Baby Geniuses (1999)

DVD Cover (Image Entertainment)
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Overall Rating 26%
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Connections: Baby Geniuses

BabyCo is the world's leading manufacturer in baby products. However, what the public doesn't know, is that Dr. Kinder and Dr. Heep, two of its most brilliant scientists, are tirelessly working in complete secrecy to crack the indecipherable code to "baby talk": a highly sophisticated language, and the key to the secrets of the universe. But, before long, problems arise when mischievous Sly, the smartest of the toddlers, escapes confinement, bent on uniting all babies to help free the ones trapped in the laboratory. Now, Dr. Kinder and Dr. Heep must find Sly before it is too late. But, can they outsmart the baby geniuses? --IMDb
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