National Lampoon's Pledge This! (2006)

DVD Cover (Vivendi Visual Entertainment)
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Overall Rating 16%
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Ranked #3,189
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Genres: Comedy Satire

Connections: National Lampoon

Victoria English is the wealthy and snobbish president of Gamma Gamma sorority of South Beach University in Miami, Florida. When Victoria learns that FHM Magazine is nominating them for "Best Sorority of the Year" with her being on the front cover of the next issue, Victoria plots to have more "diversified" co-eds pledge her sorority to integrate her all-blond and wealthy sorority. One of Victoria's pledges, Kristen Haas, suggests her ex-friend Gloria to pledge and who brings along six of her misfit dorm mates whom include; DJ spinner Monique; an Indian exchange student nicknamed PooPoo; divorcée Kathy, whom is seeking to relive her youth by going back to college; fat Southern belle Maxine; weird goth girl Babs; and suicide-chick Tonya. The seven pledges are force to go through the most outrageous initiations to be accepted. But when they learn that it was all an act, Gloria teams up with Victoria's boyfriend, Derek, to settle the score. --IMDb
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