Dungeons & Dragons (2000)

DVD Cover (New Line Studios)
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Overall Rating 36%
Overall Rating
Ranked #2,925
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Connections: Dungeons & Dragons

Emperess Savina rules over the magical empire Izmer. The young thieves Ridley and Snails get involved with her quest to find the legendary Scepter of Savrille. With this most desirable magical wand she could have the power to rule over the Red Dragons and she would then be able to provide freedom and equality amongst all people. Ridley and Snails are closely followed by Damodar, the cruel assistant of Profion who is longing for the power of the Scepter. Profion wants to get into battle with the Emperess. Whenever Profion would get his hands on the Scepter, the whole empire would then forever live in darkness. The future depends on the braveness of Ridley and Snails... --IMDb
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