Salem's Lot (1979)

DVD Cover (Warner Brother)
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Overall Rating 67%
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Connections: Salem's Lot

After years of absence, the successful novelist, Ben Mears, returns to his peaceful hometown of Salem's Lot, intent on writing a book on the notorious Marsten House: the old, rumor-filled property atop an alleged haunted hilltop. But, there, a pair of new tenants already reside in the gloomy house, the uncannily taciturn newcomer, Richard Straker, and his mysterious business partner, Kurt Barlow; an event that coincides with unaccountable disappearances and an alarming spate of violent attacks. More and more, as the unsuspecting inhabitants of Salem's Lot die one after another, Ben Mears comes to realize that the curse that plagues the town is starting to spread; moreover, he must now brace himself up for the final confrontation between the forces of good and the inexhaustible source of evil. In the bowels of the unholy place, guarded by an immortal army of darkness, the archfiend's sanctuary rests safely. Who is behind the veil of terror that shrouds Salem's Lot? --IMDb
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