Women's Prison Massacre (1983)

DVD Cover (Retro-Shock-O-Rama)
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Connections: Black Emanuelle

Emanuelle, a reporter, comes just a little too close to exposing a corrupt official, and is sent to prison on trumped-up charges. In the prison, the inmates are constantly humiliated and tortured by the prison staff. Overly affectionate prisoners are forced underwater, while others are obliged to look on. Emanuelle finds an enemy in the deranged Albina, who "runs the prison." For the pleasure of the warden, Emanuelle and Albina are forced to fight each other with knives. Bad becomes worse when four men awaiting execution escape and take over the prison. Gore flows like water. --IMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: October 26, 2005
In the final film of the "Black Emanuelle" series, we catch up with who else but Emanuelle (Laura Gemser), who is serving a lengthy prison sentence for exposing a drug trafficking operation. Her job as a journalist is what led her to discover this operation, but she dug too deep into the details and found out about District Attorney Robinson's (Jacques Stany) role and was quickly framed for some drug usage of her own in order to prevent this bit of information from being exposed to the general public. In prison, she's forced to deal with sadistic and abusive guards, the warden that turns a blind eye to such brutality in Colleen (Lorraine De Selle), and the "boss bitch" inmate of the prison Albina (Ursula Flores). Each of these poses a threat to our heroine Emanuelle, but things are about to get a lot worse.

As it turns out, local lawman Harrison (Carlo De Mejo) has just arrested four escaped convicts, and these men are quite the nasty characters. Each one of them was in jail for strings of murder and rape, and they're not very happy about having their freedom cut short. This gang, led by "Crazy Boy" Henderson (Gabriele Tinti, Laura Gemser's real-life husband at the time) and also consisting of Victor "Geronimo" Brain (Raul Cabrera), Helmut "Blade" Von Bauer (Pierangelo Pozzato), and Brett O'Hara (Robert Mura), have been sentenced to the electric chair and are set to stay incarcerated at the women's prison where the movie thus far has taken place... and when they manage to escape the handcuffs, take hostages, and turn the prison into their personal amusement park of depravity, all hell breaks loose.

I'll be honest with you readers: I'm not very familiar with the "women-in-prison" genre. My experience with them is limited to the edited-to-hell versions that they used to show on USA's "Up All Night" programming, and based on that, I expected a movie filled with nudity, lesbians, and just enough storyline to keep it out of the porno genre. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. Sure, there's some nudity and some lesbian action, but not nearly as much as I had expected. The movie is very storyline-driven and features some interesting twists and turns as things move along. I personally avoided all reviews, trailers, comments, etc. prior to watching the movie, so the twist involving the men being transported to the prison came as a complete shock to me and made the movie much more interesting. Sure, the adventures of Emanuelle were interesting, but even with my limited knowledge of the genre, I know that that path has been taken many times before in this type of movie... so it was nice to see some variety thrown in.

After things pick up a bit and we learn who's who in the prison, the movie shifts gears into one sleazy film. Yeah, the beginning wasn't all peaches and cream to begin with, but we eventually stroll into the realm of rape, murder, forced suicide, and a couple of particularly nasty scenes involving razors. There's a little something for everyone in this regard; we get plenty of gore, some imaginative kills, and just enough T&A to keep those fans entertained. On that note, I particularly enjoy these foreign movies from the seventies and eighties. It's nice to know that at one point in time, you didn't have to be eighty pounds or under to show some skin in a movie. Not that every female in this movie is obese or anything, but there were a few with some meat on their bones that did indeed put a smile on my face. The good old days are sadly long gone, however.

Check it out. As I mentioned, I'm not experienced in the world of women-in-prison flicks, but this one made me want to check out more from the genre. Hell, even the woman of this household enjoyed it, which goes to show that this isn't another one of those cheap prison / skin flicks that were so prevalent on late-night cable. 8/10.
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