Hansel & Gretel: Warriors Of Witchcraft (2013)

DVD Cover (Lions Gate)
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Overall Rating 24%
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Connections: Hansel And Gretel

Jonah and Ella Mazer (Hansel and Gretel) were happy, normal teenagers sent to an elite boarding school. The Head Master, Sebastian, seems to know more about the brother and sister than they know about themselves. As both get to know their high school classmates, strange and frightening things begin to happen. When their new friends explain that they are all descended from powerful witches, and they've been waiting for Hansel and Gretel to join them and complete a new generation of the Coven, both refuse to believe them. But it's not until Hansel discovers a message from his mother in an old leather-bound book of spells hidden in the school library, that he understands their true and dangerous destiny - slaying witches. --Amazon
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