Weedjies: Halloweed Night (2019)

DVD Cover (Full Moon Pictures)
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Overall Rating 45%
Overall Rating
Ranked #9,921
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When a midnight scavenger hunt for a rare bud of weed known as the "Golden Nug" brings a group of party-hungry stoners to a haunted hotel, it seems like it'll be the greatest night ever. But when the enigmatic owner, Madam Haze, introduces them to the Weed-G-Board, they open a portal beyond our world, and unleash The Weedjies. This group of ghastly hysterical creatures has only one mission: Party 'till you die. Before Halloween night is over, the unwitting guests will have to fight for their right to party, and put The Weedjies back in the board - or end up sucked into the netherworld forever. --IMDb
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