Thirteen (2003)

DVD Cover (Fox Searchlight)
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Overall Rating 66%
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Review by Christopher
Added: April 04, 2004
Tracy's considered a loser in school, and when the most popular girl in school (Evie) comments on her clothes, Tracy goes out and gets a whole new wardrobe. The next day at school, she confronts Evie to show off her new look. Evie seems impressed and tells Tracy to call her so they can hang out later. Later on she finds out that Evie gave her a fake number. Tracy takes it upon her self to meet up with Evie and her friend at the place they were going to hang out at. Still getting the cold shoulder, Tracy steals a womans wallet, then goes shopping with Evie and her pal.

Finally accepted into the popular group, Evie starts getting Tracy to have sex and take/deal drugs. At the same time, turning Tracy into a bigger snob than herself. Tracy tries to get her mom to adopt Evie because she gets beat at home. It almost works until Tracy realizes what she's turning into and turns her back on Evie. Evie starts telling lies about her to the point where she almost gets beat up by a gang. Then Evie tells her mom about all the drugs Tracy has been taking and all hell breaks loose.

It was nicely paced movie, but a lot the scenes could have been cut, making the movie shorter than a hundred minutes. The story line was based around one of the many situations that can happen when a young teen gets involved with the wrong crowd. Rachel Wood did a good job with the acting. The direction the script made her character go in helped it a lot too. She slowly turned into a complete junkie. At first it was just the clothes, then the stealing, she started doing drugs and then selling them, and slowly made her way up the ladder to everything else. The few other main characters were decent, but Rachel Wood carried them most of the way.

Not your ordinary teen drama, but not something that's never been done before. It was good enough to keep an interest going. I didn't like the whole racetraiting thing that was going on. Most, if not all, of the popular girls were dating black boys. At first it seemed like the only reason that these attractive young ladies would go out with black men was because they were on drugs. Later on in the movie, Tracy goes on to say how much better the world would be if everyone would get married to a different race so there'd be no prejudice. Which is wrong in its own sense, but that's another story.

And what would a teen movie be without nudity? I personally couldn't tell you since I've yet to see one like that. Tracy's mother has a shower scene and her chest is shown while she's bathing. Not a long scene, but it's still there. All the other girls were too young to show their breasts, so to avoid the whole legal system, they avoided all that mess. This was a popular movie, so it will be easy to find at your local rental place. If there's nothing else at your next Blockbuster run, pick this one up.

Final Conclusion: 5/10
compoundwhore #1: compoundwhore - added 08/18/2004, 05:39 AM
So these girls are supposed to be in seventh grade? Around here, seventh graders still believe the DARE officers.
Schillinger #2: Schillinger - added 08/22/2004, 05:44 AM
"Oh no! Someone made a negative comment about my clothes! I'm not popular! I guess that means I should go cut myself". This movie is pathetic and teen angst is so stupid that it doesn't deserve it's own movie.
Christopher #3: Christopher - added 08/23/2004, 04:22 PM
You thought T2 was the greatest movie ever made. Which makes your negative comments on anything worth nothing.
Schillinger #4: Schillinger - added 08/25/2004, 09:45 AM
I guess it was only a matter of time before people started fighting over something as trivial as movies. I always thought the comment section was a place where we give our opinions on movies, not other users. Thanks for trying to turn it into a message board, asspants.
Christopher #5: Christopher - added 08/26/2004, 01:32 AM
Thanks for continuing to view my review and keeping it in the top twenty so more people can see how much of a gooback you are.
Schillinger #6: Schillinger - added 08/27/2004, 02:37 AM
You may think you're cool for insulting random users over the internet (what a badass you must be), but it's people like you that ruined the comments over on the main page. The song comments used to be enjoyable to read, but now they're filled with nothing but people insulting each other because they don't like a certain song. Let people like whatever the fuck they want to like. I thought Leprechaun 3 was funny as well...better get on my case about that. This film is popular anyway, so it probably would have stayed in the top 20 if I didn't even say anything.
Christopher #7: Christopher - added 08/27/2004, 02:16 PM
Yes, I am cool for insulting someone over the internet, you must also be a bad ass considering you're doing the exact same thing.
Crispy #8: Crispy - added 09/10/2004, 03:37 PM
well fuck here we go again
wikkidpiggykilla #9: wikkidpiggykilla - added 01/08/2005, 07:22 AM
gooback asspants how old are you 2?
Christopher #10: Christopher - added 01/14/2005, 05:38 AM
Yes, we're both two years old. And judging by your grammar, you aren't too far from that age yourself.
bluemeanie #11: bluemeanie - added 08/09/2005, 04:44 AM
I admired "Thirteen" for a lot of reasons. I thought the direction was wonderful, the performances stellar (especially Holly Hunter in one of her best roles), and the emotional drama quite riveting. It was nice to see such a simple film, filmed in digital, that maintains the emotion and the drama. Highly recommended. 8/10.
danimigra #12: danimigra - added 03/15/2008, 06:43 PM
I guess in every house with teens is the same story.. right?
at least with my sister is the same...jajaja
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