Death Valley: The Revenge Of Bloody Bill (2004)

DVD Cover (The Asylum Home Entertainment)
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Overall Rating 30%
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When a group of college kids stumble upon a small abandoned town of Sunset Valley, they must fight a band of Zombies led by a soldier seeking retribution for his grisly execution. --IMDb
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Review by Christopher
Added: March 1, 2005
Darrel is on a drug delivery through the desert. He notices a car following him so he pulls over. The following car ends up being a cop. A car chase begins as Darrel tries to get away. He ends up throwing a block of cocaine out of his window that hits the cops car. She spins out and he makes his get away. His car eventually dies, making him walk to the nearest town. Sunset Valley is where he ends up. A very old western town where the roads are dirt and there is very few buildings, which are built entirely out of wood. Darrel takes a step into the bar and orders a drink. When the bar tender doesn't budge, he gives him a tap on the shoulder. He ends up being a zombie and attacks Darrel. As more zombies come out, he runs into Bloody Bill. Who takes care of Darrel by ripping out his throat.

Five college students (Gwen, Jerry, Mandy, Buck, Sondra) are on the road for a trip with their teacher (Avery). Gwen is in charge of the driving. When she gets distracted by Buck, she ends up hitting a hitchhiker. Avery goes to help the man, but is tricked as the man rises up unharmed and with a gun. Earl is the hi-jackers name. Earl makes them take him to where Darrel should be so they can make their drug deal. He finds his car, but no Darrel. Earl then makes the students drive until they come across Sunset Valley. While they all hang out in a building, Darrel ends up showing himself. He's a bloody mess and is in severe pain. Earl doesn't care at all as he starts to yell at him about the drug deal. Darrel warns them to leave before he fully turns into a zombie and bites the arm of Jerry.

During all of that arguing, Sondra runs out to find help. She comes across a little kid and follows her into her home. At the dinner tables sits her father eating a plate of brains. When she tries to run off, she's attacked and killed by Bill. Back with the other students, they decide to investigate the town a little more. Avery tries to get the upper and on the situation by blind siding Earl. The two fight into another building that holds even more zombies. The two take care of most of them and then call a trues. Buck gets a little frightened by the whole undead situation and runs off to get out of that town. He runs across Sondra sitting in a tree, covered in blood. He tries to get her down, but is attacked by several zombies, then finishes off by Bill as he crushes his skull.

With Earl and Avery still fighting zombies, the three students are left alone in a building. When Gwen finds an old picture that looks like her, Jerry begins to tell the story about Bloody Bill. While Bill was fighting in the Confederacy, his sister Mary took it upon herself to move out of the town and start a new. But when word got out that she was Bill's sister, they hung her for revenge of what Bill did to their people. When Bill returned home, all he found of his sister was her corpse swaying the wind. Bill curses the town and says that he will get his revenge, no matter what the cost.

Avery and Earl eventually make it back to the building. With only three students left and one of them being heavily injured, Avery thinks it's best that they try to get out of the town. Bill puts a stop to him by ripping out his intestines. The four survivors flea to the upstairs and take cover. Jerry ends up turning into a zombie and bites two of Earl's fingers off. Gwen pulls out a gun and shoots Jerry in the head, killing him. The two girls find a way out, but with Earl about to turn into a zombie, he decides to stay and fight off the zombies. The girls escape the house and Earl comes face to face with Bill. He drops a grenade, hoping to put an end to Bill. After the explosion, Earl makes an appearance in front of the girls. He stabs Mandy with his sword and peels off his face, it was Bill in disguise. It's up to Gwen to find a way to destroy Bill and let Sunset Valley rest in silence.

Nice looking zombies in a very average sort of style. They actually showed resemblance to Pericles Lewnes' zombies, which is something very rarely seen. Most of the killings were well done. Buck had the worst death. While Bill crushed his head, some blood ran from his head, then Bill let go as he dropped to the ground. Avery's death was the best. The intestines Bill ripped out of his stomach were soaked in blood and had a nice look to them. Darrel's death came in second with a very bloody throat ripping. The deaths to the zombies was like most other zombie films. A shot to the head kills them and it only took one shot. Anyone running from the zombies would quickly turn around and fire a shot, always hitting a zombie directly in the head.

Thankfully, Bill didn't take a fall to the bullet in the head. Earl shot him once in the head and all that happened was a blood dripping giant hole was made, no harm to Bill. Bloody Bill had a decent look to him. A very large and tall rotting zombie, not too much effort, but not very little either. Average would be an understatement for the script. When Sondra saw the little girl run into her house, she followed her and started pounding on the door, screaming "Is anybody home?" As Jerry held his savagely torn apart arm that was dripping with blood, Mandy would ask "What's wrong" and "Are you okay" over and over. Same goes for the characters, especially Earl. A black drug dealer that only spoke in ebonics.

As the film did keep my interest, it really slammed hard whenever there would be a long scene of dialogue. Due to none of the cast having any film experience and the script being terrible, the scenes always ended up being really stupid. All except for when Jerry would tell stories about Bill. There would be flash back moments, showing Bill when he was still alive and being attacked by the town. Or when his sister was attacked by the town and so on. The story about Bill kept running quite accurate compared to the real Bloody Bill, which was a plus. Anyone with a love for all zombie films would definitely enjoy the zombies and deaths.

Final Conclusion: 6/10
Tristan #1: Tristan - added April 2, 2006 at 11:07pm
I rented this as one of those last minute, "You've earned a free one" pick. I found it hilarious to watch and point out plot holes, and mistakes. Like blood tubes, and wires. And it was just plain ridiculous how bad they were at acting.
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