Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)

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Connections: Kill Bill

The Bride continues her quest of vengeance against her former boss and lover Bill, the reclusive bouncer Budd, and the treacherous, one-eyed Elle. --IMDb
Review by Chad
Added: February 17, 2005
In the follow-up volume to Kill Bill: Vol. 1, we catch up with The Bride (Uma Thurman) shortly after she has dispatched of both Vernita and O-Ren Ishii. Her next targets happen to be Budd (Michael Madsen), the one-eyed Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah), and of course, Bill (David Carradine). Those three targets turn out to be the main objectives of the film, but there's also a number of sub-plots and back-story thrown in here and there. We see the full scene leading up to the slaughter at The Bride's wedding, we get quite the long look back at her martial arts training with Pai Mei (Gordon Liu), and of course, there's the nice twist at the end which explains even more of the back-story.

Now then, the first film in this series was focused mainly on the action sequences and the massive amounts of sword-play, with just the slightest bit of storyline to set things up and keep the movie rolling along. This movie turned out to be almost the opposite of that... there's a few short fight sequences, an even lesser number of sword-fighting scenes, and a huge, hearty helping of storyline. While the storyline that was presented was indeed interesting for the most part, it would have been nice if they had had just a wee bit more of those excellent fight scenes thrown in, or at least extended the existing ones. The storyline, as I mentioned, is quite interesting and further develops the characters and events that transpired with them... however, there's a few spots where things really start to slow down, almost to the point of wanting to hit that fast-forward button on the remote. These slow scenes did add to the movie, don't get me wrong - one shows how she learned a certain martial arts technique and how she used that to get out of a nasty situation - but in my view, the same result could have been achieved with a shorter back-story than what was presented. In my view, if the storyline to action ratio had been more evenly distributed between the two films, the end results would have been infinitely greater, especially in the case of this entry.

The cast was just as good as what was found in entry number one, so if you enjoyed the performances there, you'll love them here. Uma Thurman returns as The Bride, and pulls off an excellent performance in all of the various aspects of the character she's playing. The lady did an excellent job in both movies, with both the numerous fight-sequences found in Vol. 1 and the huge amount of character development that was to be found here. I have nothing but applause for her performance in the series. David Carradine (Bill) also does a great job with his character, putting on an equally good performance conveying the sadness at what he's done to The Bride, and mixing that with the nastiness of a professional assassin. This now leaves us with the final two grunts of the DiVAS team. Daryl Hannah (Elle Driver) is decent enough in her role, nothing overly great, but nothing to complain about either. I can't quite put my finger on what it was about her, but she just seemed to sort of... be there, and nothing else. She didn't stick out as a great character like the majority of the cast and there was no stellar performance to be found from her, but there wasn't anything to really gripe about either. Michael Madsen (Budd), the final member of the team, came off in much the same way as Daryl Hannah did. To be fair, neither character was given a huge amount of screen-time, but I still believe that the both of them could have done more with what they were given and upped the entertainment value of their scenes.

Overall, it's a good sequel, and thanks to the movie being split into two volumes, it's pretty much required viewing after seeing that first volume. However, when you compare the two movies, this one just doesn't stand up to the entertainment of the first one, even though there was a whole lot more storyline to be found in this entry. 7/10.
Tristan #1: Tristan - added 05/24/2005, 11:46 PM
Boooo! This movie was awful. I know it wrapped up the series nicely, but it was so fucking boring. And Michael Madsen's death was lame.
dadarulz #2: dadarulz - added 05/28/2005, 05:00 PM
Personally I prefered this one. I think both parts are artistically great, part one had a lot of action and blood, but it seriously lacked a good storyline and some of Quentin's awesome dialogues. Of course, it was the introduction of the overall movie, so it's understandable. Tho, with its great western look, its developped scenario and some priceless dialogues, part two really is my favorite.
danimigra #3: danimigra - added 03/16/2008, 02:34 PM
a piece of art. 10/10 is the minimum we can give.
Tristan #4: Tristan - added 03/16/2008, 03:07 PM
It's also the maximum.
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