The Jurassic Dead (2017)

DVD Cover (Wild Eye Releasing)
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Overall Rating 25%
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Ranked #10,397
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A cracked scientist aligns with the Axis of Evil to bring down the US of A with EMP blasts, toxic zombification gas and an unleashing of the ultimate undead killing monstrosity -- the Z-REX. When a hot-wired militia squad and a crew of college hipsters are thrown together to do something about it, chaotic Predator-Thunder action runs amok. --IMDb
Chad #1: Chad - added 06/05/2020, 05:02 AM
Duke Nukem punching a dinosaur in the face, and then beating it to death? Come on, how can you go wrong with this?
JamesC #2: JamesC - added 01/31/2023, 02:06 AM
With a comment like that, I feel like I gotta watch this
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