Virgin Hunters 3: Agents Of Passion (2017)

DVD Cover (Full Moon Pictures)
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Overall Rating 50%
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Connections: Virgin Hunters

After the Sexual Liberation of Earth, Trina the Femalien was asked to return and educate the innocent masses in the ways of carnal pleasures. Accepting the role of Erotic Ambassador, Trina commands the newly formed Bureau of Virgin Affairs. With her two nubile assistants, she investigates emerging sexual behavior: the more deviant, the better. Also, she has a magic bed that lets you see people doing it. With a house full of advanced alien sex toys and a pair of underlings who like to get under things (like each other), it should cum as no surprise that Trina has got a big job on her very sticky hands. So, strap in and strap on for a steamy all-girl adventure. A horny humanity hangs in the balance. --IMDb
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