Werewolf In A Girls' Dormitory (1961)

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The new science teacher Dr. Julian Olcott with a mysterious past arrives in an institutional boarding school for troublemaker girls. Along the night, the intern Mary Smith, who is blackmailing another teacher - Sir Alfred Whiteman - with some love letters, is slaughtered by a werewolf. The detective in charge of the investigation attributes the crime to a wolf, while her mate Priscilla believes she was killed by Sir Alfred. On the next days, other deaths happen in the school, reducing the list of suspects. --TMDb
Review by Crispy
Added: February 20, 2015
I have wanted to see Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory ever since I heard the title. After all, the Italians are usually good for blending sex and horror. While that's not quite what it offered, it was still a fun little flick.

After his medical license was revoked following a mishap with one of his patients, Julian Olcott takes up a job at an old-girl reformatory as a science teacher. He's a good looking guy, so naturally, he catches the eye of these sex-deprived girls. However, one of them, Mary, isn't quite as deprived as the others. She's been frick-fracking with one of the teachers, Sir Alfred Whiteman, and now she plans to use his love-letters as blackmail for her release. Alfred tries arguing that he doesn't actually have that authority, but Mary doesn't want to hear it and storms off into the woods. Before she can make it back to her dorm, however, she's attacked by a snarling wolf-man that slashes her throat and leaves her body floating in a nearby creek. After catching wind of her affair, Mary's best friend Priscilla sets about solving the mystery. While nobody had more motive than Whiteman, it sure is a funny coincidence that dead bodies begin to appear as soon as a new teacher arrives on the grounds.

One thing I wasn't expecting was how this was much more of a mystery than a horror movie. In fact, through most of the movie I was thinking this could just as easily have been Assassin at a Girls' Dormitory until the ending tied the werewolf aspect of it down. On the one hand, I was a little disappointed; after all, I was looking forward to some lycanthrope action, but this angle still made for an entertaining movie. There were plenty of red herrings to keep you guessing, and the big reveal made plenty of sense when all was said and done. It's a shame how often filmmakers will let a shitty ending ruin an otherwise good movie for the sake of a twist. Also, while I definitely wanted more werewolves than I got, the scenes I did get were pretty good, even if they were more of a wolf-man than a werewolf. Plus, they went into the anatomy of the transformation a bit, which is always nice to see considering how rarely it's addressed. Now, I had to make due with the dubbed version which kinds of masks the acting a bit, but they seemed to go through the motions well enough. To say nothing of the fact that Barbara Lass was definitely a pretty girl. Shame she went so young.

I don't say this very often, but this is one movie that's prime for the remaking. While I wouldn't be opposed to following the plot heavy route the original took, they could certainly ramp up the gore and nudity. Plus, being the mystery genre has mostly gone by the wayside, I'd definitely like to see this re-imagined as a more straight-forward horror movie. Most importantly though, the werewolf side of things needs to be a bigger part of the picture. I'm OK with them keeping the creature more of a wolf-man , but his attacks need to be the greater focus.

Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory may not be much of a werewolf flick when all is said and done, but it's still a worthwhile movie. Definitely recommended. 7/10.
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