Blood Shack (1971)

DVD Cover (Shriek Show)
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Overall Rating 29%
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Review by Christopher
Added: August 22, 2004
This movie takes place at an old farm that has pretty much turned into one mans home, that man being Daniel. He watches over it and warns people about the old home that has a curse on it. Whoever enters the house gets murdered by the Chooper. The original owner of the farm died and left it to his daughter, Carolyn. She comes to visit the farm to see what all she now has. A sort of business man (Tim) keeps trying to buy the land, mostly to tear down the old home. Carolyn won't sell, but Tim never stops trying.

Fifty five minutes is the total running time of this movie and there's not even one second that's enjoyable. There's actually parts where Daniel and Carolyn go watch a rodeo with some kids. Instead of just a few clips, there was at least ten minutes dedicated to just the rodeo. Mostly bull riders being complete dicks to the animals. Of course that's what a rodeo is, but that has no place in a horror movie. I'm not an animal lover or anything, but seeing those guys brutalize those bulls for fun was just unbearable.

The Chooper was a guy dressed in an all black scuba diving outfit, with a plastic imitation toy He-Man sword. Right before he would attack a victim, he was start screaming so that the victim would be aware of his arrival and be able to run. I'm aware this is in a lot of movies, but the way it was put together was just bad. When he would kill people, it would show just him swinging his plastic sword all over the place, zoom to the victim with a splotch of blood on his neck, then back to the Chooper swinging his sword all over the place.

It's normal for a decently bad horror film to have some nudity in it. Like when Carolyn was shown two different times taking a shower. That would have been a perfect time to put something remotely entertaining, if only for a split second. Too bad that wasn't the case. No nudity, no swearing, no cheesy jokes, no older film references/tributes, no wounds and hardly any blood. This should have never been made, let alone thrown into the horror genre. I have seen some terrible horror movies in my time, this is the worst so far.

Final Conclusion: 0/10
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