Creepozoids (1987)

DVD Cover (Full Moon Pictures Reissue)
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Overall Rating 40%
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Review by Bill Wolford
Added: February 28, 2011
With a running time of only 72 minutes, this flick has to get busy with everything fast, and manages to do so. I have a soft spot in my heart for this piece of shit because it was rented on VHS back when it came out, when I was about 15. I thought it was terrible then (except the nudity of course!!), but time has altered my opinion.

First of all, and most important, Linnea Quigley is in the cast and gets nude fairly quick for a shower scene. Porn star Ashlyn Gere somehow got involved in the flick as well, and pissed me off because she couldn't take the time to get naked as well, and barely has any lines to speak either. Linnea has gotten naked in hundreds of movies, but this is one of the hard to find ones, so I'll take it.

The plot is simple and non-existent at the same time. During a nuclear fallout, a group of survivors take refuge in what used to be a large experiment lab to escape from the acid rain. The group believe they have it made in the building,with tons of food, and all the medical supplies they could ever want plus sleeping quarters and a lab. They feel they can wait out everything by staying right there. Big mistake. There are monsters afoot, and that's where rational thought goes out the window. Two men fighting a monster. Do they use their weapons? No. They try to duke it out like John Wayne. Then we have a giant radioactive rat, along with a big headed radioactive baby. The Plot goes to shit. But hell, people die, there's no CGI (thank God!), and we still have Linnea's shower scene in the back of our heads, so its all OK.

This is pretty much a no-budget film. But since it was shot in the 80's, they still used film and not video. Shot on video movies have to be VERY good for me to like them. There is a certain charm of those movies that use film stock, even with a small budget. I wish some of these directors would pick up on that fact today, and try to find some old stock to use.

Seeing this movie again after 20 or so years took me back to the days of not knowing, or caring about blockbuster movies,and not being beat over the head with promotion for the film at every turn, including billboards, and fast food restaurants. We just grabbed the dusty VCR tape off the rental shelf, hit the play button, and enjoyed the craptastic excellence that is Creepozoids. You should too. 7/10.
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