Monsters, Inc. (2001)

DVD Cover (Walt Disney Studios Reissue)
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Connections: Monsters, Inc.

In a world behind our closet doors, monsters reign supreme. The utility company Monsters Inc. specializes in fueling their world with the screams of human children. A team of monster scarers led by lovable Sulley and his wisecracking best friend Mike work hard and long hours to ensure the fuel of the screams. But things go crazy when Sulley discovers a mysterious door and a runaway little girl running amok. However, both Sulley and Mike discover that the little girl (Boo) is not actually dangerous, so they must bring her home to the human world. But what the duo doesn't know is that Boo is actually the key to a sinister conspiracy to saving the monster world from a rising crisis. --IMDb
Review by Tobes
Added: December 29, 2009
Lets all remember back to our early childhoods...

It's bedtime in our cozy little rooms, our parents are tucking us into bed, saying goodnight and that they'll see us in the morning. They turn the lights out, close the door behind them, our eyes drifting shut, thinking of the happy thoughts from the day...That's when you hear a creak in your room. Your eyes dart from side to side, wondering what that noise was that stirred the silence. All of a sudden a dark silhouette starts staring at you from across your room, leaning towards you in your bed. You watch in terror as it seems to dance back and forth as it comes closer towards you. As it's about to pounce, you freeze and can do nothing but scream bloody murder in hopes that your parents save you from this evil monster who's somehow gotten into your room. All of a sudden, the lights come on, mom or dad rush in and ask what's wrong. You tell them about the monster that almost ate you from across the room, and they point out that it must just be your imagination, and you only saw the shadow of your lamp. They once again say goodnight, thinking that you're just a silly kid, but you know better, you know you saw something coming from your closet.

Monsters Inc is a hilarious and adorable take on the monsters that lived in your closet when you were a kid. The story revolves around Mike Wazowski, a little green one-eyed monster with a sharp wit, James "Sulley" Sullivan, a lovable large blue and purple striped fuzzball of a monster, and Monsters Inc, their place of work. Monsters Inc is the leading power supplier for Monstropolis, and we come to find out that the monsters who terrified us as children were only trying to collect our screams of terror to power their homes, offices, and local drinking establishments. Sulley is the leading scarer at work, and is almost about to break the scare-record, but Randall, a chameleon/snake hybrid, is hot on his trail in being the best scarer. Everything is going great for Mike and Sulley, until one day a small child nicknamed Boo, sneaks back into the monster's world through her closet door, and everyone's lives change. Children are believed to be "dangerous" to the monsters, and anyone who comes in contact with even a piece of their clothing is instantly decontaminated (Code 2319 - learn it, you'll hear it a lot).

This child invasion can't come at a worse time, as Monsters Inc is in trouble, since kids aren't as easily scared as they used to be. The story deals with Mike/Sulley's friendship, the competition between Sulley and Randall for leading scarer, and everyone's interactions with Boo. While all of this seems silly and simple, there's a lot of depth with all of the characters involved, and even Monstropolis has it's own charms.

Pixar (who was still a newer company at this point) once again did a fantastic job with the vibrant colors and attention to detail throughout their world. All of the monsters look extremely "realistic" and lifelke, and with the popularity of HD movies now you can actually see the stray strands of fur on the fuzzy monsters. There are a lot of different characters in the film, and every one looks very individualistic, adding for a lot of diversity, as well as showing the creativity of the writers/animators at Pixar.

The world itself looks like something straight out of any normal suburban city, with trees lining the sidewalks, normal everyday businesses lining the streets, and cars puttering down the roads. Small attention to details are abound in Pixar films, and after watching this film again recently, I noticed more of the smaller things, like the sale signs in the grocery store selling blood oranges, and other "scarily" named items.

One of my favorite parts of Pixar films (as well as Dreamworks, and pretty much anything animated), is the amount of creativity the creators can give themselves with the worlds they create. When dealing with a world of monsters who terrorize children from out of their closets, Pixar can think of the creepiest terrors that a kid would imagine, and make a living breathing version of it. This ability to be able to showcase creativity, and Pixar's creative talents, make for AMAZING films every time one is released.

Overall, this is probably one of Pixar's best films. The amount of time and creativity put into this world of lovable monsters shows throughout the film, hitting on all aspects of a great movie. The story is great, the characters are lovable (even the monsters who are jerks are still enjoyable), and the father/daughter dynamic between a giant blue fuzzy monster and a little tiny toddler girl are heart-warming, and even at some points tear-jerking.


The writer isn't so much afraid of the monsters in his closet, as he's afraid of the monsters who live in the house with him.
Lucid Dreams #1: Lucid Dreams - added 12/29/2009, 01:47 PM
Loved it. 10/10
Rest Easy Soul #2: Rest Easy Soul - added 01/03/2010, 10:30 AM
MY favorite Pixar movie.
Ginose #3: Ginose - added 01/24/2010, 07:13 PM
Probably my least favorite from Pixar. It's a well-told story, but it drones on a bit and the obnoxious fucking point it tries to make about the bachelor-lifestyle's lack of stability was so barely touched on...
Still, great film. 8.9/10
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