Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song Of Vengeance (1974)

DVD Cover (AnimEigo)
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Overall Rating 63%
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Connections: Lady Snowblood

Japan, Meiji 1905. As the Russo-Japanese War comes to an end, Yuki Kashima, the pitiless messenger of death, finds herself wanted for murder, right after the blood-spattered quest for revenge in Lady Snowblood. Found guilty of multiple hideous crimes and facing execution by hanging, miraculously, Yuki cuts a deal with the ruthless head of the Secret Police, Seishiro Kikui, to infiltrate the violent team of seditious anarchist leader Ransui Tokunaga. Once more, Yuki's skilled blade thirsts for blood; however, for all the wrong reasons. Is Lady Snowblood doomed to live a life of endless flight? --IMDb
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