Snuffin' Zombies (2007)

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When an underachieving loser blows the remainder of his inheritance, he lures his kindhearted, mentally challenged best friend into helping him film snuff movies, but it all goes to hell when the dead become undead. --IMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: March 21, 2008
Zombies and jokes seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly these days, and really, why shouldn't they? The whole genre has basically turned into one big joke after the flood of cash-in releases that graced video store shelves after the unfortunate success of that wretched Dawn of the Dead remake, so at this point, filmmakers really need to have a sense of humor when tackling projects that involve the walking dead. That seems to have been the inspiration for Snuffin' Zombies, a film that blends together juvenile humor with... well, it's mostly juvenile humor up until the zombies show their faces towards the end, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Our storyline for this one centers around a lovable pair of losers - Frank (Karl Benacci) and Ralphie (Joseph Byrd) - who are basically going nowhere in life. Ralphie has a job shoveling horse-shit at the local farm, but Frank can't even claim that much after having been fired from his job and running out of money. Enter the grizzled old bartender (Robert Muye), a man who claims that he can help the pair earn somewhere in the neighborhood of three million dollars for a simple little task: they have to kill ten people and record each and every last moment of the kills so that our bartending friend can sell them to people who are interested in these snuff movies. They agree to the plan, but after the last person has been killed, they realize that the cardinal rule of all horror movies and Tales From the Crypt comics has been called into effect: their victims have returned to the land of the living and now seek revenge on those who sent them to their early graves.

Although it may sound like a traditional horror flick, make no mistakes about it; Snuffin' Zombies is about as far from horror as a film could get. Sure, it may technically fall under this banner as it features a handful of human-on-human kills, and yes, those zombies do turn up towards the end and score themselves a few kills, but to call the film a full-fledged horror movie would be a lie. The main emphasis of the film is on the two friends and how they find themselves involved in this situation of killing for money while also showing us just how pathetic they truly are when it comes to real-world interactions. There's also a couple of friends / relatives / enemies who show up throughout the running time to antagonize our heroes which prevents the film from ever getting monotonous, and each of them (Christopher Bucci in particular) brings a little something to the table in terms of the laughs.

What makes the film work out as well as it does is the chemistry between the two leading men. Either the two were damned fine actors or they've known one another outside of the filmmaking world for quite some time, but either way, the two seemed perfectly natural when interacting with one another. Couple this with the fact that this is basically a "buddy film" coupled with lots of laughs and one can easily see why this chemistry made the film work. The rest of the cast ranges from great (again, I really enjoyed Christopher Bucci) to not-so-great, but when you consider that every other performance found here is basically an extended cameo of one length or another, it should go without saying that nobody really had a chance to drag the movie down.

As I mentioned above, the humor found here is of the crude and juvenile line of thinking, so it's certainly not for everyone. If masturbation, midgets, lighthearted yet derogative slurs towards various classes of people, and the time-tested toilet humor doesn't sound like the type of thing that would draw a couple of laughs out of you, then nope, this one probably isn't for you. If, however, you find yourself in the group of people who - much like myself - finds these sort of things to be hilarious, then you'll likely get more than a couple of good laughs out of the material found here. It doesn't all work as intended and there are a couple of failed attempts at comedy, but I enjoyed the overall presentation.

Snuffin' Zombies is a little rough around the edges and does have its flaws, no doubt due to this being the first film from writer / director Karl Benacci, but it does have a certain charm to it and could easily find an appreciative audience from those of you who enjoy zombie flicks mixed with this type of crude humor. The gore levels are a little low (again, this is more comedy than horror) and the budget is even lower, but this doesn't detract from the actual entertainment levels provided. Check it out. 7/10.
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