Elektra (2005)

DVD Cover (Twentieth Century Fox)
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Overall Rating 39%
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Connections: Marvel: Elektra

After the fateful events that changed her life in Daredevil, Elektra Natchios has now transformed into a pitiless professional assassin for hire. For her next contract, Elektra has to take down the single father, Mark Miller, and his young daughter, Abby; however--for the first time in her blood-drenched career--serious doubts will pave the way for a change of plans. Now, the killer becomes the protector--and with the powerful henchmen of the nefarious criminal organization known only as The Order of the Hand after them--Elektra must put her rigorous training in the ancient martial art of Kimagure to good use. Can Elektra appease the past and save her helpless targets? --IMDb
Review by Griffinheart
Added: November 01, 2007
Elektra Natchios, killed in "Daredevil", has been brought back to life to star in a movie all her own. Sadly, star is a bit strong to describe any part of this movie with. While "Elektra" is never painful to watch, every scene will make you think more about what the director and writer did wrong more so than what they did right.

After being run through with her own sai by Bullseye in "Daredevil," Elektra was resurrected by a blind martial artist named Stick. After rising to the top of his martial arts school, she was cast out into the world and eventually found her place as an assassin-for-hire. But when Elektra finds out that the people she was hired to kill are the widower and young girl she had just befriended, she flees with them to escape the wrath of the vengeful organization The Hand. Is Elektra the "treasure" that will tip the balance between good and evil or is it the girl? Dum dum dummmmmmmmmmm... suspense.

Everything in this movie is fed to you forcefully by a very large spoon that whacks you repeatedly on the cheeks as it tries to find your mouth. In the opening sequence, you are blatantly told that Elektra is the treasure, but it becomes apparent about ten minutes in that the girl is the treasure when you are blatantly told so. Also, despite being a high paid and internationally feared assassin, Elektra does nearly everything an assassin shouldn't: wear bright colors, befriend what appears to be the only two people on an island when she was sent their to kill people, and give out her real name. The villains rather unexciting as well. Leading the chase after Elektra is Kirigi, son of the Hand's leader: uses swords and martial arts, has the power to move really fast but seldom for a useful reason (if you can cross several dozen feet in less than an eye blink, just kill your enemies rather than getting up to them really fast and then slowing down). Accompanying him are Typhoid Mary (has some sort of power based off of poison or disease; seemingly kills with the power of lesbianism), Stone (has tough skin and incredible strength; kinda looks like Shaq <- favorite part of movie was trying to figure out whether he was Shaq), Tattoo (he can coerce his animal tattoos to rise off of his skin and do his bidding; is actually kinda cool), and crazy knife guy (I swear he just showed up in the middle of a fight with a knife).

Sadly, no one in this movie provides more than an adequate acting job, though this is largely due to the scrip being rather poor itself. There are several lines that are almost painful to listen to, including the discussion about how Elektra has OCD (I don't know or care if she had it in the comics; it did not need to be in the script). Also, while it may not be an issue for anyone else, the martial artists in the movie seemed to be more like minor sorcerers. I was expecting them to be like well trained monks or ninjas whose bodies and skills are so great that they border on the supernatural--they ended up feeling mystical more than anything else.

This isn't a terrible movie, but I have to knock it for having potential and throwing it away. If you want to whip up your own score at home without actually watching the movie, you can use one of two scales: 1) Take your score for Daredevil and subtract seven; or 2) Take your score for Daredevil and multiply by 30%. As for my score, I give it a 3/10.
Edd #1: Edd - added 11/02/2007, 09:50 AM
I loved this movie.
Griffinheart #2: Griffinheart - added 11/02/2007, 11:16 AM
Alright, I'm convinced that either Edd is a guy I knew from college that loved every movie he ever saw (except About Schmidt--no one warned him about the nudity) or that Edd is a Movie Review Bot.
Edd #3: Edd - added 11/02/2007, 11:25 AM
I actually just like ALL comic book movies. They just tickle my imagination bone I guess.
bluemeanie #4: bluemeanie - added 11/02/2007, 12:59 PM
I am starting a petition to have this film removed from the site. Who the fuck wants to see "Elektra" on here? Who even wants to remember this film?
Griffinheart #5: Griffinheart - added 11/02/2007, 05:06 PM
We need this movie on here for the "Worst Movies Ever" list. Additionally, this movie can be used to make other movies look better by comparison.
Griffinheart #6: Griffinheart - added 11/04/2007, 06:41 PM
This movie might have been better as the end of some sort of saga. It feels like the end of a series, not a stand-alone or beginning piece.
Lucid Dreams #7: Lucid Dreams - added 07/22/2010, 03:47 AM
Saw this while I was eating lunch on a ship and I sat there the whole time wondering why they made this movie. 2/10
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