Lipstick & Dynamite: The First Ladies Of Wrestling (2004)

DVD Cover (Koch Lorber Films)
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Overall Rating 70%
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Lipstick & Dynamite shines a spotlight on the forgotten first ladies of the ring. Gladys 'Killem' Gillem wrestled women, men, alligators, and bears. At 18, Ida May Martinez took to the road to flash the only thing she knew - how to kick, punch, and defend herself. Narrowly escaping a date rape at 16, Penny Banner trained for survival. Still kicking butt at 80, The Fabulous Moolah and Johnnie Mae Young live together with midget wrestler sidekick Diamond 'Lil, and continue to take bumps with World Wrestling Entertainment. Each woman reflects on her own remarkable life with fond and bitter memories, reconciling a wild, flamboyant youth with the reality of getting older and fading away. Lipstick & Dynamite follows Moolah, Johnnie Mae and the girls 60 years, many bumps and falls later as they discuss the money, the old days and what it's like to be a 'lady' in today's favorite guilty pleasure: spectator sport. --Amazon
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