The Ozporns Go To Hell (2003)

DVD Cover (VCA Pictures)
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Overall Rating 69%
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Connections: The Osbournes The Ozporns

American's favorite dysfunctional family cordially invites you to join the team for the ultimate vacation getaway of a lifetime as... The Ozporns Go To Hell! In this much anticipated sequel, the stress of their newfound superstardom has taken its toll on the Ozporns. But when it turns lovely Fiona into a carpet-munchin' lesbo-maniac, Izzy decides it's time to get in touch with their family values by hittin' the highway and "feeling some Indians!" Yes, the Ozporns are off to see America (traveling incognito in a sleazy old RV, of course)! But no sooner have they begun their epic journey when engine trouble them to spend the night at a weird desert oasis inhabited by the only people on earth who are stranger than the Ozporns: Meet the "come hiter" housekeeper, the grease-monkey gigolo, the time traveling butt-whores from the 6th dimension, and the charmingly catatonic "Beekeeper." Sure, it's a heavy metaphorical statement about the world we live in, but who cares with sex scenes this hot? So strap, yourself in for two and a half hours of non-stop spit swappin', nut slammin', and hole-probing good fun as the Ozporns shizzle the snizzle and take you on a savage journey deep into the heart of the American wet dream - and cure lesbianism once and for all! --Adult DVD Empire
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