The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

DVD Cover (Twentieth Century Fox 25th Anniversary Edition)
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On a wild and rain-swept late-November evening, somewhere at an empty stretch of road outside Ohio's merry Denton, the blissfully-affianced, prudish, and boringly innocent young pair of Brad Majors and Janet Weiss find themselves stranded on their way to visit an ex-tutor. Instead, the couple will inadvertently unearth the cross-dressing Dr Frank-N-Furter's spooky lair of inexhaustible oddities, just in time to partake in the out-of-this-world mad scientist's proud unveiling of his latest, delightfully extravagant, and most daring creation - the ultimate male and the perfect sex symbol: the flaxen-haired, Rocky Horror. But, little by little, as the effervescent transgressive force gobbles up whole the unsuspecting visitors of the night, Brad and Janet slowly begin to embrace the potent fascinations of seduction, while an idolised Rocky roams free in the mansion. Who can interrupt man's union with the absolute pleasure? --IMDb
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Review by bluemeanie
Added: June 11, 2007
What do all of these descriptions have in common:

-Best Musical In the History of Film
-Best Science Fiction Film Ever
-Best Midnight Screening Experience
-Best Use of the Word 'Transylvania'

Why, they all describe one film -- "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

Lovers Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick) and Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon) are on their ways home from their friend's wedding when their car has a blowout. They hike their way to the nearest castle they can find and are greeted by Riff-Raff (Richard O'Brien), the handyman, who brings them inside. Along with his sister Magenta (Patricia Quinn), they sing "Time Warp" to the young couple -- that is until their master, Frank N. Furter (Tim Curry) drops in for some "Sweet Transvestite" and clues them in on his mission to build a man, Rocky (Peter Hinwood). Brad and Janet find themselves trapped in the castle, subjected to Dr. Furter's bizarre habits and obsessions. When Dr. Scott (Jonathan Adams) drops in for a visit, things really get interesting.

When have you had THIS much fun experiencing a film? And that's the trick -- you don't just watch "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" -- you experience it. I watch it at least twice a year at midnight screenings and it never gets tiresome watching the audience react and participate with all that's going on here. For me, musical highlights would have to be "Eddie's Teddy" and "Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?", where Meatloaf croons right before he gets hacked to death with a fire ax. But, every number in this picture is a winner, from Susan Sarandon's sexed up "Toucha-Toucha-Touch Me" to Frank N. Furter's final "I'm Going Home". The art direction and costume design is over-the-top and outrageous, but it works like you wouldn't believe. Richard O'Brien, who also wrote the musical, is one of the most clever songwriters in theatre, and this was his milestone.

One of the most popular and influential films ever made, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" has long cemented itself in the pop culture lexicon as a phenomenon. No other film is still shown at every single major city in the United States on a weekend basis. That is an accomplishment. The sequel, "Shock Treatment", was released a few years later and I will send in a review for that soon. If you haven't see "Rocky Horror", do yourself a favor and see what everyone else in continually talking about. For your own sake. 10/10.
Ginose #1: Ginose - added June 11, 2007 at 11:34pm
Popularity accounts for nothing of this movies quality. The music is fine. I love musicals. This movie was dumb. It was stupid on several levels. People can enjoy it as they will, but I never have. I don't see why people liked it... but it's really a matter of opinion. There's stupidity, comedy, and nonsense... I'd really shelf this one under "boring", but, as I said, all opinion. 2/10 for Meatloaf's bitchin' song and, as Billy-Ray here says, the best use of the word "Transylvania"... all around it was still completely pointless and boring... eh... opinions...
Chad #2: Chad - added October 20, 2008 at 4:11am
I usually hate musicals, and I really only picked this one up because it's one of those movies that everyone has to see at least once. It was great. It was funny, Tim Curry was awesome, the music was good, and even though I felt that it ran about ten minutes too long, I have to say that it deserves the "cult classic" status. 2/10? Sheeeeet.... I hate musicals as a general rule, and even I'm going to go with an 8/10.
George Snow #3: George Snow - added October 20, 2008 at 10:27am
There was a theatre on Long Island that played this every Friday night back before you folks were born. We'd get dressed up and yell at the screen. Those were the days.
Greg Follender #4: Greg Follender - added October 20, 2008 at 11:27pm
A necessary evil, as far as I'm concerned...

Fun, fruity, and inspired... they just don't make films like this anymore...

HOWEVER... Calling it the "Best Science Fiction Film Ever" is more than a bit of a stretch.
(I think that just might be a personal problem;)

Seriously though... I love this film and consider it a bona-fide cult classic!
So many schlock films these days are carelessly addressed as such... but this is the real deal.

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