Trouble Every Day (2001)

DVD Cover (Oscilloscope Pictures)
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Overall Rating 59%
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Ranked #4,895
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An American newlywed couple, Shane and June Brown, are on their honeymoon in Paris, very much in love with each other, nevertheless, there is more to the happy honeymooners than meets the eye. Shane is desperately looking for a former colleague, Dr. Léo, with whom they worked together conducting dangerous experiments on human libido, while at the same time, he is consumed by an indescribable and incessant sexual hunger. As Shane is trying to locate Dr. Léo, an unexpected encounter with his wife, Coré, will force the clueless June to try to understand her husband's strange behavior. But by digging deep into his future, she will soon have to confront Shane's well-hidden inner demons. --IMDb
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