Zombie Bloodbath 2: Rage Of The Undead (1995)

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Overall Rating 30%
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Connections: Zombie Bloodbath

An evil demonic scarecrow resurrects the dead as ravenous cannibalistic zombies who feast on the living. A motley assortment of folks who include a bunch of bickering college kids, a trio of dangerous escaped convicts, an equally lethal pair of savage hoodlums, and three sisters do their best to stay alive and survive this harrowing ordeal. --IMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: May 10, 2007
In my review for the original Zombie Bloodbath, I said: "I should probably point out that this film isn't so much a movie as it is an excuse for director Todd Sheets to show off some zombie carnage." In the sequel, things are pretty much the same: there's a little bit more of a story thrown in and the zombie action is toned down a notch or two, but at the end of the day, it's still just an excuse to show off some gore effects.

The storyline for this one kicks off in Kansas circa 1940, where we find a pair of robbers attempting to intimidate a farmer and his wife into turning over some gold that they've supposedly found. Faster than you can say "Cradle of Filth", a group of what appears to be angry black-metal lovers turn up and we at home find out that this farmer is some sort of Satanic minister or some such. The metal guys kill one of the robbers outright, but they reserve a special punishment for the second one. They pull out his innards, sew a burlap sack over his head, and crucify him so that he'll have to spend the rest of his life as a ghoulish scarecrow.

Fast-forward to present day, otherwise known as the mid-nineties. A group of hardened prisoners have escaped and made their way into the country, where they decide to hole up in a house that looks eerily familiar... could it be the same one from the opening scenes? You think, maybe? While there, they murder the parents and hold the children as hostages, and a short while later, a group of young adults show up to join in on the fun after their van breaks down. While holding every last member of this rather large group of people as hostages, our trio of murderers decide that they need some new clothes to avoid detection by the law... but there's only two outfits in the house. The third guy is forced to rummage around outside, where he finds a scarecrow with a fairly decent suit on him. After robbing this poor scarecrow of the clothes off his back, the scarecrow comes to life and raises the dead so that they can all get revenge on the living who have wronged them. Umm, okay.

Meanwhile, a separate pair of crooks terrorize some people at the 42nd Street Donut Shop in a subplot that really has no connection to the film as a whole other than to pad out the running time and give the previous group of people a place to hide out at later in the movie. On the positive side, Mullet Man makes his return as one of these criminals, and he's actually damned entertaining in this role (even though he sadly lost the mullet this time around).

In my review for the previous film, I also said: "If a good story and solid acting is what you're in the market for, you might as well pass right on over this one. If, however, you're looking for a zombie flick that will deliver about an hour's worth of violence, bloodshed, and general mayhem straight into your living room, you could do a lot worse than this one." The same thing can be said for this one. While it's true that director Todd Sheets attempted to put more emphasis on the story with this outing, it's readily apparent that scriptwriting was not his area of expertise. There's some interesting ideas here, mind you, but the sloppy execution of said ideas really dragged down the entertainment factor.

It doesn't help that the cast is pretty horrible in their roles with one or two exceptions (and even those aren't great - merely watchable). You know, I really try to give independent movies some slack in regards to the acting, seeing as how most low budget directors usually have to make do with friends and family thanks to the monetary concerns. However, when some of the stars of your movie have huge grins on their faces while being attacked by zombies or assaulted by criminals, you may want to think about replacing them or at least doing a reshoot.

As was the case with the previous film, check it out if you want to see some good gore effects and decent zombie action, but be prepared for the novelty to wear off after about forty-five minutes of it. I never thought I'd say this, but there's only so many gut-ripping scenes one can watch before it just starts to get tiresome. In the end, I found that the story side of things was worse this time around, but the gore and zombie makeup was better. For that, I'm going with a slightly lower rating than what I gave the previous film: 5/10.
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