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Nurse Diary: Wicked Finger Nurse Diary: Wicked Finger (1979)
Ryoko leaves the chaos of her dorm for the peace and quiet of her own place because she wants to keep her relationship with a doctor at Murata Hospital a secret. Unfortunately, that privacy is short-lived as she discovers a "peeping tom" next door neighbor that spies on her...


Nurses' Journal: Nasty File Nurses' Journal: Nasty File (1980)
Starring: Etsuko Hara, Eri Kanuma, Yuka Asagiri


Nurse Diary: Beast Afternoon Nurse Diary: Beast Afternoon (1982)
A doctor develops a new scientific breakthrough in female psychotherapy with the discovery of the "Dream Ring," a device that is inserted into a woman to record her thoughts and dreams. But, one dark and stormy night, the doctor and his assistant end up dead... hanging by...


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