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Hell Comes To Frogtown Hell Comes To Frogtown (1988)
After a worldwide nuclear war, where 68% of the male population was wiped out and virile men becoming a rarity, Sam Hell, a scavenger and a highly virile man, is assigned to help rescue a group of fertile women kidnapped by humanoid frogs.


Return To Frogtown Return To Frogtown (1993)
In the sequel to Hell Comes to Frogtown, the Mutant-Frog leader of Frogtown kidnaps a professor and forces him to make a serum that will turn everyone into Frogs, they also kidnap some people to test the serum on. And courageous Sam Hell will have to save them.


Toad Warrior Toad Warrior (1996)
The Earth is being swept by a toad plague. Enter, the lone Samurai, Max Hell, the Earth's last hope to save the planet from the mad clutches of Mickey O'Malley.


Max Hell Frog Warrior Max Hell Frog Warrior (2002)
Scott Shaw stars as the lone samurai, Max Hell, on the trail of the Serum which was unleashed to turn all of humanity into Toads.


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