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Being a nerd of course I visit sci-fi conventions and such whenever I get a chance (mind you that I live in Sweden) and getting something signed is always cool. Here is my collection of people I got autographs from.
Ron Perlman 01. Ron Perlman
Signed Hellboy photo
Ruggero Deodato 02. Ruggero Deodato
Signed Cannibal Holocaust Statue DVD Set
Gunnar Hansen 03. Gunnar Hansen
Signed Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster
Doug Bradley 04. Doug Bradley
Signed Pinhead (Hellraiser) photo
Brad Dourif 05. Brad Dourif
Signed Chucky (Child's Play) photo and Alien Quadrilogy Alien Head DVD Set
Robert Englund 06. Robert Englund
Signed Freddy (Nightmare On Elm Street) photo
Kane Hodder 07. Kane Hodder
Signed Jason (Friday The 13th) photo
Michael Biehn 08. Michael Biehn
Signed Alien Quadrilogy Alien Head DVD Set
Tom Skerritt 09. Tom Skerritt
Signed Alien Quadrilogy Alien Head DVD Set
Veronica Cartwright 10. Veronica Cartwright
Signed Alien Quadrilogy Alien Head DVD Set
Jenette Goldstein 11. Jenette Goldstein
Signed Alien Quadrilogy Alien Head DVD Set
Lance Henriksen 12. Lance Henriksen
Signed Scar/Bishop Weyland (AVP) photo and Alien Quadrilogy Alien Head DVD Set
Anthony Daniels 13. Anthony Daniels
Signed R2-D2/C-3PO (Star Wars) photo
Kenny Baker 14. Kenny Baker
Signed R2-D2/C-3PO (Star Wars) photo
David Prowse 15. David Prowse
Signed Darth Vader (Star Wars) photo
Billy Dee Williams 16. Billy Dee Williams
Signed Lando Calrissian (Star Wars) photo
Warwick Davis 17. Warwick Davis
Signed Wicket (Star Wars) photo
Jeremy Bulloch 18. Jeremy Bulloch
Signed Boba Fett (Star Wars) photo
David Alan Barclay 19. David Alan Barclay
Signed Yoda (Star Wars) photo
Orli Shoshan 20. Orli Shoshan
Signed Shaak Ti (Star Wars) photo
Matthew Wood 21. Matthew Wood
Signed General Grievous (Star Wars) photo
Andy Secombe 22. Andy Secombe
Signed Watto (Star Wars) photo
Julian Glover 23. Julian Glover
Signed General Maximilian Veers (Star Wars) photo
Kiran Shah 24. Kiran Shah
Signed Stunt Ewok (Star Wars) photo
Tim Rose 25. Tim Rose
Signed Admiral Ackbar (Star Wars) photo
Ian Whyte 26. Ian Whyte
Signed Scar/Bishop Weyland (AVP) photo
Chris Sarandon 27. Chris Sarandon
Signed Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas) photo
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