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The Beekeeper The Beekeeper (2024)
Released on DVD and Blu-ray on this date
In The Beekeeper, one man's brutal campaign for vengeance takes on national stakes after he is revealed to be a former operative of a powerful and clandestine organization known as "Beekeepers".


Drive-Away Dolls Drive-Away Dolls (2024)
Released on DVD and Blu-ray on this date
Jamie regrets her breakup with her girlfriend, while Marian needs to relax. In search of a fresh start, they embark on an unexpected road trip to Tallahassee. Things quickly go awry when they cross paths with a group of inept criminals.


Butterfly Kisses Butterfly Kisses (2018)
Released on DVD and Blu-ray on this date
A filmmaker discovers a box of video tapes depicting two students' disturbing film project featuring a local horror legend, The Peeping Tom. As he sets out to prove this story is real and release it as a work of his own, he loses himself and the film crew following him into...


Tormented Tormented (1960)
Released on Blu-ray on this date
On an island community off of California, Tom Stewart is preparing to marry the woman he loves. His plans are threatened by his old girlfriend, Vi, who shows up secretly. During a confrontation at the top of the island's lighthouse, the railing breaks and Vi falls. Tom has a...


Hardware Wars Hardware Wars (1978)
Released on Blu-ray on this date
A parody of Star Wars, presented in the form of a movie preview. Young Fluke Starbucker, under the tutelage of Auggie "Ben" Doggie, learns to master the power of the Farce, while teaming up with Ham Salad to rescue Princess Anne-Droid and aid her fight against the evil Empire.


Goodbye Uncle Tom Goodbye Uncle Tom (1971)
Released on Blu-ray on this date
It was advertised as "The first motion picture based on historical facts about the rise and revolt of slavery in America." It became one of the most reviled and misunderstood films of its time. This epic recreation of the American slave trade atrocities was both condemned as...


Deinfluencer Deinfluencer (2022)
Released on DVD on this date
An influential cheerleader finds herself held captive by a masked psychopath with a God complex. She must complete a series of sadistic social media challenges to save her life and the lives of her fellow captives. However, the masked kidnapper has a secret agenda for his...


Perpetrator Perpetrator (2023)
Released on DVD on this date
Jonny Baptiste is a reckless teen sent to live with her estranged Aunt Hildie. On the event of her 18th birthday, she experiences a radical metamorphosis: a family spell that redefines her called Forevering. When several teen girls go missing at her new school, a mythically...


American Star American Star (2024)
Released on DVD on this date
An assassin on a final assignment in Fuerteventura, to kill a man he has never met. When his target is delayed, he finds himself drawn to the island, people and a ghostly shipwreck.


The Oath The Oath (2023)
Released on DVD and Blu-ray on this date
400 A.D., in a forgotten time of Ancient America, a lone Hebraic fugitive must preserve the history of his fallen nation while being hunted by a ruthless tyrant. But rescuing the King's abused mistress could awaken a warrior's past.


Midnight Temptations 2 Midnight Temptations 2 (1999)
Released on DVD on this date
A young woman searches for the mysterious lover of a recurring dream whom she believes to be real.


Galaxy Girls Galaxy Girls (1997)
Released on DVD on this date
An alien vessel crashes on Earth and is discovered by Cindy, Shauna and Becky, three friends beginning what they think to be a casual vacation in the mountains. The alien creatures, escaping a death sentence on their own world, are motivated only by death, destruction and a...


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