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The Mandalorian: Season 1 The Mandalorian: Season 1 (2019)
Episode #1 - "Chapter 1: The Mandalorian" - aired on this date
After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe. The Mandalorian is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. We follow the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far...


Mr. Mercedes: Season 3 Mr. Mercedes: Season 3 (2019)
Episode #10 - "Burning Man" - aired on this date
The original series Mr. Mercedes' third season starts when beloved local author John Rothstein is found murdered. Hodges, Holly and Jerome, along with local police, must track down his killer, but this case is more complex than the cold-blooded killing of an American icon....


The Purge: Season 2 The Purge: Season 2 (2019)
Episode #5 - "House of Mirrors" - aired on this date
Based on the hit movie franchise, The Purge revolves around a 12-hour period when all crime, including murder, is legal. Season Two explores how a single Purge Night affects the lives of four interconnected characters over the course of the ensuing year, all inevitably...


PAW Patrol: Season 6 PAW Patrol: Season 6 (2019)
Episode #13 - "Pups Save a Freaky Pup-Day/Pups Save a Runaway Mayor" - aired on this date
Led by a boy named Ryder, a team of six playful rescue dogs use their individual talents to protect the seaside town of Adventure Bay. The pups are occasionally joined by newer helpers: Cap'n Turbot, Robo-Dog, Everest, and Tracker.


Total Divas: Season 9 Total Divas: Season 9 (2019)
Episode #7 - "I Will Prevail" - aired on this date
Total Divas is an American reality television series that aired from July 28, 2013, to December 10, 2019, on E!. The series gave viewers an inside look into the lives of female WWE wrestlers from their work within WWE to their personal lives with the inclusion of behind the...


Darkslide Darkslide (2019)
Direct to video: released on DVD on this date
High in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, a local sheriff finds world skateboard champion, Paul McGuiness' abandoned hearse parked at a remote alpine lake, a surfboard floating on the surface of the freezing water, but no trace of his body. Rumors immediately go...


The Clinic The Clinic (2018)
Began its theatrical run on this date
In this slow-burn social thriller, The Amaranth is an isolated, luxury retirement village where the privileged and powerful live out their twilight years with amazing vitality. Here is where wealthy industrialist Richard Kendrick and his younger wife, Lily, move after he...


Cross: Rise Of The Villains Cross: Rise Of The Villains (2019)
Direct to video: released on DVD on this date
Armed with an explosive powerful ancient cross amulet, Callan is back with his extraordinary team of weapons experts to defend Los Angeles from its biggest threat yet-super villains Muerte and Drago. Callan will have to join forces with his once mortal enemy, Gunnar, to try...


Sex Down Under Sex Down Under (2019)
Direct to video: released on DVD on this date
Sex is a huge part of our lives, our very existence depends on it. Yet it's treated and practiced differently in every society. Explore sexuality down under, from the extraordinary to the taboo, in this fascinating must see documentary revealing the sexual traditions and...


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